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Eric Billings
Eric Billings, President
Category: Home Security Systems
Satisfied Customers: 44
Experience:  I have over 35 years of alarm experience, the last 19 years helping folks over the phone and e-mail with their alarm issues. I have been a JA customer since 2011, enrolled as an expert 10/26/15.
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I am looking really specific and complex alarm system. I

Customer Question

I am looking for a really specific and complex alarm system. I currently have a GE Simon XT system, but I just bought a 6,000 ft home and I need a much bigger/better system.
What system would accommodate the following:
* At least 80 wireless zones
* GSM/Cellular
* Smash/Grab detection
* Battery backup
* Offers additional color touchscreen keypads I can place throughout home
* Compatible with shock sensors that also detect open/close windows
* Compatible outdoor motion detectors
* Compatible with 100lb pet immune motion detectors
* Compatible with outdoor siren/strobe
* Offers home automation (lock doors, thermostats, etc)
* And a system that offers 3 arming options, like: home arm, night arm and away arm. I see some newer systems, offer 3 arming options. Which is awesome, because for “home" you can just arm the doors/windows. "Night arm" you can use door/windows plus lower level motion sensors. And "away arm", arms everything.
What can you recommend?
I think the Interlogix Advisor One covers all of these bases….. but I can’t find it for sale anywhere! I can only find promotional material, released 2 years ago, saying it’s coming soon.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Security Systems
Expert:  Eric Billings replied 1 year ago.

I called my wholesale supply house that lists the AdvisorOne as a product they sell, the local store rep here in northern CA had never heard of, much less seen one, and says it is a special order (explains why their national website indicated low or no stock available). So I called GE(interlogix) tech support who says that they sell a lot of them but would not give me any technical information, just steered me to the sales literature that you probably already have seen. Quite honestly I was very surprised to see in that literature that it does have a "night arm" feature in addition to away and stay, something no other brand does. Every other company only allows you to bypass individual zones with the away mode to accommodate your "night mode" situation. All manufacturers can accommodate the rest of your requirements. Have you tried calling any local alarm companies in your area that may be GE dealers or are you going to install it yourself? The AdvisorOne product is an expensive one in relation to most other alarm systems.

Just because it say's I am ready to be rated doesn't mean our conversation is over, it is merely an option. Please rate me when you feel it is appropriate (that's how us independent contractors get paid), they say the conversation can continue after the rating but I think it is more appropriate for you to wait until we near the end of the project.



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Eric,
Sorry for the delay. Just taking this all in. When I wrote in, I figured it would just be faster/easier to pay $30 to have someone tell me what system fits what I am looking for. But I guess it’s not going to be so cut and dry. To be honest, when I saw this, I thought about asking for a refund, but I’d like to keep the thread open and work through it together to figure out what system I should get (if you’re up for that). I am willing to pay bonuses depending on how much is involved.I’ll give a little description of our scenario and welcome any advice! Looking for a top of the line wireless/gsm alarm (not worried about the price). The home is 3 finished levels, 6,000 sq. ft. Theres about 70 (casement style) windows and 5 doors. I really want a system that has as few “holes” as possible. I was even hoping to get some asset sensors for some interior contents.Theres a few things that make our scenario tricky. It’s difficult for us to use indoor motion detectors because we have a 40lb dog that sets off every pet immune motion detector I’ve ever tried. Plus, I work from home and we have a large family, so it’s rare that there’s not someone home. So fully secure perimeter protection that we can use while home, is very important! But, I am having a hard time finding a configuration that works. We have many bay windows where there can be group of 6-8 individual windows in one bay. But I really want every entry point secured. I don’t want a system where we just sensor the ground level windows and have someone plan an elaborate plot to bring a ladder and come in off the second story. It may sound extreme, but our home is a “target” for various reasons.To make things more complicated, we have security film on all the glass, so I was told glass breaks might not work well (so I wanted to use the dual purpose shock sensors that also have the open/close magnets.So I’d really like something with 80 zones. And was hoping for some bells & whistles. Nice additional touchpads for each floor, home automation, etc.The Advisor One looks perfect, but yeah it’s rare and super illusive. I found one place that sells them, but I am a little nervous to buy it, since it seems like it would be hard to get support or even find a company that will monitor it. So I am going to weigh out some other options.The “night arm” is great and something I’d love to have, because you can activate motion sensors on lower levels that we wouldn’t be using while asleep. I’d really like to be able to find something with that feature if possible. Honeywell also offers it on the Vista and the Lynx 7000. But, I BELIEVE the Vista only offers 48 zones and the Lynx doesn’t offer any LCD touchpads (just the old style with the buttons). Which is annoying, since they offer beautiful touchpads for the Vista! That is the info I am finding online anyway, but maybe it’s wrong. Can you confirm that for me? Because if the Vista can bump up to 80 wireless zones, or if the Lynx works with additional LCD touchpads, that just might be the best system for us!I don’t know a lot about this stuff. I really want a high end system. Any advice is appreciated. Also, what companies make the best systems? Like, what would be the Mercedes of home alarms? I don’t know if these companies are good or bad, but I already looked into Interlogix, Qolsys, 2gig, DSC, Visonic, Bosch and Honeywell. None of them seemed to be an exact match for what we’re looking for. BUT, some of their websites didn’t offer full information, so I might have overlooked something.Thanks Eric!
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Eric, can you close this out and refund? I hired a consult today and we got everything figured out. Thanks anyway.
Expert:  Eric Billings replied 1 year ago.

I can opt out but I do not have the ability to refund, I am just an independent contractor on this site. I guess my time wasn't worth anything to you? I don't get paid anything if you don't want to pay, seems a little unfair to me but it's really only $15 to me. Can I ask what did your consultant was able to tell you that solved your issue?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Eric, I am happy to pay you for your time, but it has to have a value to me. You didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, which left me no further than I was before I came to, to get answers. You also said the Advisor One was the only panel with "night arm", while Honeywell was the first to come out with the feature. So it seems like I knew more about the new products on the market than you did. Nevertheless, I gave it one more shot, replying with 2 additional questions and I didn't get a response. I appreciate your effort but you weren't able to help me and I had to call someone else.I am trying to avoid giving you a bad rating, so if you know anyway to close this out and get my refund, all the better. Thanks.