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Why every time we have a storm with lightning do our Lorex

Customer Question

Why every time we have a storm with lightning do our Lorex wirelss cameras (4 of them) all go black and all say "connecting"? They may be like this for 2 weeks to a month, and then begin mysteriously working again. They will shut-off at precisely the same moment and when they reactivate, they reactivate at exactly the same moment. Meanwhile, we are without security cameras for this time. Is there a way to get them to more quickly connect? Is there a way to get this to stop happening? All 4 are under soffits, all 4 are electrically connected inside the attic to their own electrical outlet, all 4 receivers and the DVR are connected to surge protectors (cameras are not), and there will be no power outage within the house - no flashes, no clocks to be reset, etc. It's like there is some power from the lightning flash itself that disables this and you can watch the cameras' recordings and see the flash and exactly when they shut down.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Home Security Systems
Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.
Good afternoon, I'm sorry to hear that.How old is your camera system and has it always behaved this way?Also may I have the full model # ***** your camera system?Thank youTech Michael
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It is a Lorex LH160 system, installed March of 2015. The exterior part (mounting the 4 cameras under the soffits and running an electrical outlet for each to the inside of the house's attic and running the cable(s) into the attic and hooking them to the 4 outlets) was done by a licensed electrician while I setup the inside part - the DVR and the receivers. The system worked immediately upon adding electrical power to the receivers and DVR. It performed flawlessly until a good thunderstorm came thru. Three times this has happened, and with a flash of lightning, 2 - 4 cameras will simultaneously quit working and say "Connecting", only they don't connect, at least not for several days, this time since June 26th in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, we have no camera security, and I don't know if we will, this time. I can use the DVR to see what was recording up to the flash of lightning, and then "Connecting". Nothing else in the house was affected, no surges, no clocks to reset, etc. I spoke with Lorex the 1st time and a tech said sometimes just the flash of lightning can affect wireless cameras. Is there a way to prevent this? Is there a way to get them to more quickly again "Connect"? The receivers and DVR are on a surge protector and no, it didn't kick-out.
Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for the excellent description;-)This isn't an issue with the lightnings light output affecting the system. But rather an electrical issue that isn't likely your fault but more of an issue with your electric company's supply. One other thing is to have the electrician who installed the outside cameras to re check his work as that may be whee the problem lies a s well. It really could be anywhere unfortunately.I see this quite often that it will affect many different devices. you may also notice the lights in your home or business dimming occasionally. when the current draw goes up for a second or two but not everyone will see this.The very first thing to check into is that the supply wiring to the camera system and the DVR or anything that supplies the cameras with power can supply the necessary current.It is a common problem especially during summer months due to high current demands from AC systems in your home and surrounding power transformers in your area. If one gets weak you will have issues like this because this system is very sensitive to fluctuations in the power supply. The lightning is also channeled through the system to ground by the electric company. If there is a weak transformer or even a poor connection it will play havoc with this camera system you have and can also affect cable TV and your DVR system as well form time to time. I would have a talk with the electric company about this problem and have them check their system first as this wont cost you anything.But if they determine the problem isn't outside the residence then you will need an electrician to check your home to be sure the homes wiring is correct with regards ***** ***** and adequate supply for everything that may cause this issue. It sounds complicated but an electrician will understand this easily and can quickly solve the problem you are having. I have been an electrician and electronics repair technician for over 30 years and I am pretty confident the issue isn't your camera system but in the power supply inside or outside the home. I wish I had better news for you on this I really do but I will stick with you until you have this system working correctly,please rate my service kindly thus far, it is the only way I receive credit for my time with you.It won't cost you anything additional to rate;-)You can always contact me anytime after rating.Thank you and have a great day!You can always reach me after rating and I will continue to help in any way I can at no additional cost;-)Tech Michael