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LOAJ3256, Technician
Category: Home Security Systems
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Experience:  I have 35 years as a CCTV and Security Systems Integrator , and Advanced Field Service Technician.
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How to reset a Swann DVR?

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how to reset a swann DVR

Hello - maybe I can help.

Can you please tell me the Swan model number, and if you have administrator privileges to get into to the MAIN menu, not USER menu.

JACUSTOMER-qfip3j31- :
The model number is DVR8-2500 and I am actually the owner of the DVR.

LOAJ3256 :
Do you have access to the DVR system menu, also a reset will erase all settings,

Did you want to ERASE the HD recordings only or is the system having problems that need a reset?

JACUSTOMER-qfip3j31- :
I do have access to the system menu, but I can't make any changes as I was locked out.

LOAJ3256 :
Your access level is user at this point -- did you set this up and do you have the administrator code?

What password are you using?

JACUSTOMER-qfip3j31- :
No. I just bought the system and this is even the first time I boot it up.

LOAJ3256 :
What password are you using?

If it is a first time set up, why the need to reset already may I ask?

JACUSTOMER-qfip3j31- :
It is a used system that I just bought from the web.

LOAJ3256 :
Then you do not have the password to allow you to do ANY system changes - I *may* be able to factory reset this for you, but the results can vary, depending on the unit's age and firmware. If you want to proceed , you will need a screwdriver to remove the cover, a paper clip, and a flshlight would be a good idea.

One method to try is as follows: *Depending as above post*
1) Remove the power supply, then Remove cover on unit.
2) Remove the "button battery" , about the size of a quarter on the main board
3) PUSH AND HOLD THE POWER BUTTON for about 15 seconds WITH the battery OUT.
4) With the BATTERY OUT Using a short piece of wire or a paper clip, SHORT OUT the battery terminals on the circuit board for 30 seconds to drain the system's capacitors
5) Re install the button battery and turn unit ON.

This *should * reset the DVR to factory admin codes, which is 123456
*IF this does NOT reset, you would need to return to Swan to have the EEPROM reset - replaced to regain full function.

I hope this helps, please advise and thank you for your time.

JACUSTOMER-qfip3j31- :
OK. Thanks anyway.

LOAJ3256 :
Hello - did you see my answer on how to reset to factory to fix the problem by following the steps I provided, as this *should* work for you and would take about 1/2 hour, and restore the unit as requested -- this would defer the need for a return if successful, can you please acknowledge and try? I hope this helps, please advise and thank you for your time

JACUSTOMER-qfip3j31- :
I will try it out. Thanks so much.
LOAJ3256 :

Good luck I hope I have helped, please leave a rating or contact me for further help.

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