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TL300 connected to GE Concord 4? Cant figure out what to

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TL300 connected to GE Concord 4? Can't figure out what to connect.


I have exposure to all areas in the alarm industry. I have spent time with Honeywell Protection Service Resi.,Chubb Resi.,ADT Resi,Tyco commercial


What are you referring to when you say TL300?

IP card?

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I need more info on the TL300. I'm guessing it's the DSC IP comm card??



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, the DSC TL300 IP Interface Communicator.

Ok I'm here. Just give me a minute because I have only worked with this card and DSC products. One moment
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


-we are communicating in with contact ID?

I should also ask what the trouble status indicator is telling you. It's on the bottom of the board and should be flashing trouble blinks right now. What is it telling you? (number of blinks)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Blinks once every 5 seconds. I think I have it programmed correctly since the monitoring company can see the card. i think the physical connections are where it's not connected right. T&R to Concord and how to connect the zone or trigger from concord to TL300..........

Ok well that's half the battle looked after. So every time I use that card it is part of a communication buss on a DSC product therefore your problem is something I have never been involved with.

Exactly which Concord panel is it? I will leave it up to you as the consumer. Do you want to work together and try and solve this OR would you like me to opt out and see if there is another person online that has used the 300 board with another control other than DSC? I would to make sure you are satisfied so whatever you choose is alright with me.
T1 R1 to T&R on the control. Why don't I send you a 3 page Quick install sheet.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm assumming (dangerous) that the T&R (slate/brown pair of the RJ31X jack) is what I should be connecting from the GE Concord 4 panel to the T&R input of the TL300.

How does the Concord 4 trigger the TL300? A zone?

1. Yes I would check out the color codes just to verify that you are going directly from the concord to the card with the proper pair. (it's the old assume nothing, trust no one thing)

2. How the concord 4 triggers the TL300 is something that will take some investigation since I work with DSC/TL300, but one would assume that the TL300 is simply a method of taking the contact id data from the concord and delivering it via the internet. With that in mind one the TL300 probably doesn't have to be triggered.

I just have go to a meeting. Back on line soon.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok will wait to hear your thoughts.

Just going into the meeting at 11 pacific. The concord was monitored at one point. Are we sure thsat it is transmitting contact ID, and is the account number properly programmed. I think we are so close to success
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The Concord 4 was self monitored. meaning it just set off the siren. Have added the TL300 Internet card since internet is available and we want it monitored now. I can make the Concord 4 send alarms to my cell so I know it sends alarms. It is set up for contact ID.

Ok if it was local you should take a look at the account number they gave you. Check your concord manual because contact id does not like zeros.I am assuming you added the account number to the concord and that there is a communication option that is now turned on since it is monitored
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will check the account number programming in the Concord 4 & get back to you.

Okay, we'll talk later
Additional info. I just wanted to make sure you have the full tl250 tl300 manual with you. It is, in your case simulating a telephone line. If you have the full manual you should confirm your programming in section 9.4 and other areas it refers to in that section.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have the manual thanks. I also downloaded the T-Link Console software from the DSC site. The TL300 status LED was blinking once every second before I programmed the IP address, subnet mask & acct number. Now it blinks once every 5 seconds. The manual indicates the TL300 is "normal".

Ok I believe that since your concord was local only we should get it communicating with the monitoring center without the TL300. Can you ask the monitoring center if you can get the receiver number for the station. Tell them what you are doing and why you are doing it. All of the technicians have gone through this. You know you have communication with the station and the tl300. Now get the the control communicating via the telephone line and without the tl300.


If you get the concord sending alarms without the tl300 and the tl300 communicating without the concord, then you can work on bringing the two together.


I know you got it communicating to a pager but that is not the same as communicating to the station receiver in contact ID format.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There is no phoneline to connect to the panel to test with the central station.

what type of internet connection do you have?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ATT Uverse. Computers and laptops either wired or wireless work fine through the Uverse modem.

Okay thanks. Talk soon
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Was looking at Section 7.2 of the TL300 says when an alarm triggers the panel goes off hook. This would imply we need some connection between the panel and the TL300 (some zone trigger) to get dial tone from the T&R of the TL300 to the Concord 4 panel to transmit the CID to the TL300 to send via Internet, right?

Since I am only experienced with dsc panels and the tl300 I have sent an email to dsc tech support asking what the most common issues are when marrying a tl300 to a foreign control panel. We'll see what they have to say. Without telling me the information, what information did the station give you to prepare this panel to communicate with their station?
acct number, etc,etc
I see this is closed off now. Just curious to see it you got it going as I have not heard back form DSC yet. Please let me know if you are up and running.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Central station only gave me the receiver IP addresses, acct number and gateway info. I think that was it. Closed off? Not by me. I did rate you as excellent. Did that close the ticket?

We will keep going till we get it
I going to talk to one of the guys I work with to see if he has used the tl300 with a foreign panel. It looks to me that we run a relay or programmable output off of the bell output of the concord. (section 99) The tl300 reacts to that short from the relay, simulates a handshake to the panel, it delivers the alarm information, the tl300 packages it and delivers it through the internet, then after that the tl300 simulates a kissoff that ends the conversation between the two devices. You have to have your concord programmed the same way you would if you were monitoring it through the telco lines which I am sure you have already done. Actually when you read the DSC literature it's not the easiest document to follow and if you were constant user of their products you would understand why. You can try that in the meantime. If you were sending signals through telephone lines the station receiver would provide your panel with the handshake and kissoff tones. With no telephone the tl300 is simulating that for the panel. Remember when you are reviewing the tl300 programming that it is the primary communicator and not a backup. There is a possibility for having to fine tune a few items because we don't know what DSC based their default programming on.
I can't find one guy that has worked with the tl300 and a foreign control. Looks like we are on our own. We'll both learn something if we can get it working. I honestly think they came up with the model to fill a need in the market place but the product hasn't really had much exposure. Let me know how the above works out for you. We will keep working with it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Never did an answer from DSC folks..........

Thanks for contacting me. I also never heard from DSC tech support, but just because you sent this note you triggered my memory. I remember a guy locally that has worked at the DSC distributor and used to help with tech support before they were taken over by Tyco. I am going to see if I can reach him by phone. Did you ever try the things mentioned on Sept 5 at 0705? I just left a message for Art as he is teaching a course right now.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Tried it using a spare Concord 4 and spare DSC TL300 but no trigger/alarm. Got to be something really simple or stupid........

I left Tyco on Sept 12 so your email made me think of this other guy that has been a part of DSC product support and teaching since it's beginning days. If he can't help us it can't be done. I will let you know as soon as he contacts me. As funny as it sounds as a non Tyco employee he can now help me. I would be directed to Tyco support if I talked to him before September 12.

Okay I have my information. I will write it down, send it to you and I believe we will have success. Just running to the store first.

Ok, what we discussed August 30 at 1012am was correct. The main reason they created the 300 was for the challenge you are working on now. Since we think the 300 is happy and communicating lets start with the concord. The 300's default setting is what we want for your situation. The 300 in simulated telephone line mode is supplying a continuous dial tone for the concord. When the concord goes into alarm the 300 acts as a receiver for the concord. The concord detects the dial tone, dials any number we program as a telephone number, the 300 behaves like a station receiver accepts the data, packages the contact id and sends it to the station via the internet. So let's take about the concord first;

1. On page 148 to 151 in the concord manual there is a nice reference to the different sections within the concord. We are programming phone #1 only.

2. On page 50 of the concord manual there is reference to programming the account number. We want to program the account number given to you by the station. If there is a 0 in the account number, replace the 0 with an A because contact ID does not like zeros. This account number in the concord is important. The account number for the 300 card in section 003 should contain the same account number as the concord and the 300 uses this if there is a trouble that it wants communicate in relation to the 300 card.

3. On page 54 of the concord manual there is reference to programming a telephone number. Because the 300 is simulating a dial tone we can put any number as the telephone number. Normally we would program the number of the station receiver but we are using the 300 to simulate a station receiver so the concord will deliver its data to the 300 card. Also turn on high level reports

4. On page 55 of the concord manual there is reference to backup numbers and cell numbers. Those have to be off.

5. On page 62 of the concord manual there is reference to dialtone detect which has to be on

6. In the 300 card we only require the simulation of the telco line and secton 7.1, 7.2 and 9.4 are important areas in the 300 programming.

I think the programming of the concord is where you might find an issue because you have never had a phone line. Therefore you might have avoided those areas of programming. Let's try that and let me know if you transmit any signals. Regards,Customer/p>

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, to start the T&R from the TL300 neeeds to connect to the Concord Gray/brown pair of the RJ31X to send them the alarm from the Concord to the TL300? The monitoring station wants to see all zeros before the account number which is only 4 digits. I will try the A instead of the zeros as well. I will check out those other settings and get back to you.
probably won't be until mid-next week though.


Since you do not have a telephone make sure the tip and ring connection is direct to the 300. Sometimes installers (a small percentage) treat the alarm control as a handset and that is not correct. If you have a toner or a meter you might want to verify that the gray/brown is direct to the tip and ring of the concord. As for the zeros the "A" is replacing zeros only if the zero is in the actual account number. In some controls the for example an account location in the sheet without an account number programmed programming might have ffffffff or 00000000. If my account number is 0134 in those two examples I would program FFFFA134 or 0000A134. Keep in touch