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topher0711, Customer Service
Category: Home Security Systems
Satisfied Customers: 27
Experience:  Senior Technical Supevisor for one of the largest security co in the South East.
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My QSee DVR is connected to my LAN. I can see my cameras on

Customer Question

My QSee DVR is connected to my LAN. I can see my cameras on my laptop when I am home but I cannot see them when connected to the internet away from home. How do I do this?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Home Security Systems
Expert:  topher0711 replied 4 years ago.

topher0711 : Hi and welcome to just answers. What you must do is first have a static ip address provided for your ISP. Next you must go into the settings of your router and forward the ip address of the dvr to the static ip. Then make sure that port 80 is open as well. Port forwarding is usually located in the gaming and applications settings of the router. Consult the manual for your specific router for instructions on how to do this.
JACUSTOMER-nwmjkl3g- :

I have a static IP address, I think. I do not know how to get into the router settings. I have a netgear router. IP address is192.168.1.1. The DVR IP is and port 80 is open.

topher0711 : If you type in your explorer it should bring you to a page where you must enter a user and password for the router. Then go to the port forwarding selection and forward the address of your dvr to the static ip. If you don't know the the static ip you can use many sites to find out. I use a the URL to find the ip of the modem. Also google. Whats my ip, you will find a link there as well.
JACUSTOMER-nwmjkl3g- :

Well, I can remember the password but I cannot remember the username that we used several years ago when Comcast was in here to set this up. Maybe if I contact them, they can tell me how to get into it.

topher0711 : Hopefully they kept the records! I will be standing by if you need more help tonight.
topher0711 : And just so we are clear on this..... When your off site the ip you should type in is the static ip of your modem, not the ip of the dvr.
topher0711 : Meanwhile..... If you have found my answers to be helpful pleas leave positive feed back and good rateings. This is how we can be here to help you with all of your questions.
JACUSTOMER-nwmjkl3g- :

As it turns out, I cannot afford the time to take my system down to reset my router right now. I work from home and I am currently engaged in a project that I have to finish first. Comcast does not keep records on what I needed. So, the only way I can get into the router is to disconnect everything and reinstall it from scratch. Meanwhile, I would be dead in the water until I get it back up and running again. The problem is, if anything goes wrong, which with my luck it would, I'd be screwed. I will get back in touch with you as soon as I can.

topher0711 :

I see, and please do check back with me, but in the meantime would you so kindly rate my service so far?