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Glen Moore
Glen Moore, Technician
Category: Home Security Systems
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Experience:  20 + years of experience in home and business security.
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I have an old Brinks security system in a home I purchased

Customer Question

I have an old Brinks security system in a home I purchased a few years back. It is not hooked up to anything- police or help center - but I can set the alarm and if someone breaks the circuit the alarms will go off. Last night it started beeping and when I looked at it it said " Low Battery" and it kept beeping for a while and then stopped. Then it did it again this morning. I opened up the alarm key pad and have no idea which is the battery ( Nothing even remotely looks like a battery ). Can anyone help? I need to get it to stop beeping so I want to change the battery myself. The information I was able to get off the keypad was Scantronic Inc 1996.  P/W 50-3626 Rev o. P/NNNN-NN-NNNN BCU 602 series.   The cover for the motion sensor has the following info:  Model DT435TB 12VDC, 35mA. Intrusion detection Unit 372K.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Home Security Systems
Expert:  Glen Moore replied 5 years ago.

Glen Moore : Hello,Courtesy and respect for my time and efforts is greatly appreciated. Please work with me until I can either help you or opt-out. Thanks! The battery is located in the main control panel box.
JACUSTOMER-k08wauab- :

Do you have any idea where that may be? I have 2 keypads - I am assuming this main control box is something else? I am at work now but will run home and see if I can find it. What kind of battery am I looking for? Something that looks standard?

Glen Moore :

The main panel will be located in a closet or cabinet somewhere in the house. It will be about 14" x 12" metal can. The battery is housed in that panel. It will look like a small black or gray brick. These batteries can be purchased on Ebay or at Radio Shack. 12 volt either 7ah or 4ah rechargeable alarm panel battery. It will have a red lead and a black lead attached.