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I have a DSC PC1832 system with a PK5500 keypad. Got discusted

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I have a DSC PC1832 system with a PK5500 keypad. Got discusted with the alarm service and had the installer come in, reset the installer code to default, and do his thing to stop the service. When he left the trouble light was on. The system will arm and respond normally, but the trouble light is on. I downloaded the manuals and went into the system. I could see where he overwrote the alarm company phone number and account number with XXXXXXXXXXX I reset phone number one and three with a dial tone code and our cell numbers and set the account number to all blanks FFFFFF. Still have a trouble light. I can do a *2 and I don't get any trouble number showing up. What I get is a message that says View Trouble Communications . When you hit > you get a message Hit # XXXXX exit. You can physically hit 1,2,3 etc. on the keyboard, but get no error messages. Just the opposite, no hit of any errors. Checked the voltage on the tip/ring on the control box and the line is connected. How can I determine the trouble code?



Is your alarm now calling your cells rather than being monitored? If so then if there is no voltage on the ring and tip then this will generate a phone line failure...


Press *2 and tell me if and zone numbers are indicated...


If not then try all the > keys to see if any message is displayed...


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I have not let the alarm go on alert long enough to know if it calls the cells. All I know is the installer did not touch the control panel, just the keypad. I checked the control panel with a meter and it appears the proper voltage is on the tip/ring lines on the DSC panel. I can unplug the DSC phone cable from the phone panel and the the voltage goes to zero. I am working under the assumption the line connection is OK. I would think the DSC system would call our cell numbers by going through the attached land line that I believe is working.


I can press *2 and no zone numbers are indicated. All I get is a message that says View Trouble Communications <>. I can press the number pad for 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8 and get a message there are no errors. Numbers 2,3,and 4 do not respond.

What happens when you press the > key after pressing *2? This is supposed to step you through the trouble..


We may need to do a power down reset if there is a stuck comms trouble in there as this will only clear once comms is successful again but of course if this has now been turned off it will never clear...

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
When you press the < or > keys you get Press (#) to exit. If you press # XXXXX do indeed exit. If you don't press # XXXXX instead press a number key of 1,5,6,7,8 you get a message there are no errors. Keys 2,3,4 do not respond.



You will need to power down the panel unless you want to connect the alarm to your cell and then get a successful comm connection... Even then we may still need to do the power down reset...





Customer: replied 5 years ago.
How do you do a power down reset?

Find the control box (a box about a foot and a half square) which will be in the roof or in a cupboard near the ceiling...


Unplug the battery and remove the power from the panel before repowering... You may then need to reset the time using the *6 function...

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

You are the man. The power reset worked. Trouble light is out.



No problem...Thanks for the Accept..