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To-Shay, Electronic Security Engineering
Category: Home Security Systems
Satisfied Customers: 34
Experience:  Long & Extensive experience in the Electronic Security Industry from Design, through to Installation & Ma
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WE have a Brinks Model 5070 wall safe. We have lost the combination

Customer Question

WE have a Brinks Model 5070 wall safe. We have lost the combination but have the key.

I followed the instructions to using the key and turning to the left and pulling the handle.

Noting happens! Your thoughts?

Eve Keenan
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Home Security Systems
Expert:  To-Shay replied 6 years ago.

To-Shay :

Hello Eve Keenan, sorry for delay in picking up your problem. Obviously there should be no reason for you key over-ride NOT to work. So I would wish to copy the info to you again (possibly from another source & detail) to try just once more if you don't mind...

To-Shay :

Emergency Overide Instructions

  • 1

    Remove the key lock cover beneath the digital keypad.

  • 2

    Insert the emergency key included with your safe into the lock and turn the key to the left.

  • 3

    Pull the door handle to open the safe.

  • To-Shay :

    Default code to use (just in case you never got around to changing it when you first purchased the safe) is 159A

    To-Shay :

    Failing this, then it is only Honeywell or a locksmith that can possibly assist. Honeywell will obviously not know of any alternative code for you by may be able to confirm if there is an issue with your emergency overide key. A locksmith on the other hand will do the two things that they do best....

    To-Shay :


    I strongly hope you hit success from my advice - but my interest is that you may let me know either way. Kindest regards XXXXX XXXXX

    Customer :

    I already checked this web site. The directions you gave were the same that I tried on the directions from the material enclosed with the safe!

    To-Shay :

    Hi Tom Keenan, thanks for coming back to me and letting me know this much. If you have not tested the key in the past, then there is a possibility that it was incorrectly matched. Your only option from here that I see is to venture to a locksmith to physically attend or Calling Honeywell for any options they may have....but I know of none. Sorry we could not resolve this between us. Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX

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