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My house flooded due to Harvey. We cut away the drywall and

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My house flooded due to Harvey. We cut away the drywall and insulation to the brick. My house went (from outside in) brick/drywall/insulation and beam/drywall. My contractor says he can't replace the drywall next to the brick without doing extensive brick work, but he recommends using a sealing insulation foam that would go from the brick across the beams to the drywall that would serve as my interior wall. Can I use a spray foam insulation directly on the brick instead of putting up an additional drywall piece? And if so, can you recommend a type?

The best product I have come across is made by USA Insulations, they offer a full range of products, both in terms of quality, cost and application.

This includes spray on products which can go on external walls direct then you install your drywall over the top, through to what I would think you should do - injection based foam where you construct the void by building the internal dry all then inject foam into the void.

Have a look at the website here.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Hello James,
How should I address the weep holes in this situation? I don't want to plug them. Should I just run tubing thru them and cut after the insulation dries?

I would I would just be inclined to re-drill the holes as its only a foam substance your drilling through, and probably quicker than fitting tubes through the weep holes, however with this type of product your have insulation which is water resistant and the thermal properties wouldn't allow much air to circulation anyway, so should be protecting the timber frame from moisture.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Please see my sketch I made. Do you need we would need to drill a new weep hole above the insulation foam for moisture removal, or will the original weep hole work?

If you plan to retain the fibreglass insulation then yes you will require a new weep hole, as the foam is a moisture barrier so wouldn't let air from the weep hole circulate.

Personally I would look to replace all the insulation with the foam, you will improve the thermal efficiency significantly.

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