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I just installed a window air conditioner in my window. I

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I just installed a window air conditioner in my window. I think it is tilted down enough but I'm not sure that my level is all that accurate. The AC makes a crackling noise, along with it's humming noise, and occasional sounds of dripping. I've peeked inside and it looks like there's only a little water - like tiny little pools of water, that are on the bottom along the side of the unit. Nothing like major buildup of water or anything. I don't want my AC to break so I'm hoping that you can tell me if those noises (dripping, crackling) are normal or if I need to do something else.

Hi Danielle...........not sure about the noises I would have to listen....but you really shouldn't have water collecting in the bottom has no where to go and it will oxidize..........isn't there a tube that leads to a weep hole? can check a level for accuracy by putting another that you know is good right up on it ............if you get the same reading then it is okay

let me know



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