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Finishing up a home edition in Minnesota. The addition is a

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Finishing up a home edition in Minnesota. The addition is a split level...upper level is kitchen / dining / pantry. Lower level is 2 bedrooms. I know I need 5/8 fire rated sheet rock for the upstairs ceiling since the attic is above it. Will I need 5/8 fire rated anywhere else on the addition? Any walls. Downstairs ceiling? Also, local lumber yards carry two brands of sheet rock...Georgia Pacific and Sheetrock brand. Are they essentially the same or is one preferred over the other?

Hi Matt if it were my home and in which I have I've used 5/8 fire shield through out and fire rated doors with almost a zero smoke gap.......I always had the need to protect my family'll find it is more rigid and the joints will make for a much better can just use it on the ceilings if you wanted to save some cost but still have good fire rating.........brands are comparable



Customer: replied 2 months ago.
most of my outlet boxes are set for 1/2" there anything special to do with the increased thickness?

They will be fine set back for need to change anything............nothing special to do except use the least amount of seams if you have a 12 foot room then get 12 ft boards. .....if you have a 15 ft room ..then get 10 ft boards ...but be prepared they are a little heavier to handle..... but worth it

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