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I have a solid teak indoor coffee table that I purchased

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Hello. I have a solid teak indoor coffee table that I purchased from Crate and Barrel, and it is very prone to soaking up water and oils and thus leaving stains. It has a water based stain, lacquer finish and wax top coat. Since it has already picked up some oil stains, I've been using a clear vinyl sheet to protect it from further damage, however, the sheet ended up sticking to the table when temperatures in the room were high, and it has pulled off some protective layers.I would like to enjoy the beauty of this table without the vinyl sheet, but it now has a sticky residue left after the top layers were peeled off. How can I safely restore this table and perhaps apply a coating to protect it from oils, without giving it a glossy look? When I bought it, it looked like natural, raw wood. Also, is there a product that can remove oil stains from teak?Picture:

Hello, call around to all of the builders suppy stores in your area until you find a store that sells DAD's brand paint stripper, use it to strip the finish from the top of table.... then apply two coats of linseed oil and let it set for a few hours then wipe it all off

Then buy a can of clear tung oil, and wipe onto the table top with a neatly folded 'paper shop towel'.... you can renew that finish by simply wiping on another coat whenever needed, it will not accumulate. it is a self cleaning, self repairing finish.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Hi Phil,
I appreciate your expert opinion. Is the clear tung oil going to leave the wood with a glossy varnished look (darkening the wood also) or is it going to maintain its natural, raw matte finish ? My concern is matching the top surface to the rest of the table.And lastly, when you say self cleaning and self repairing, do you mean the top coat (clear tung oil) will NOT absorb spills like water and olive oil ?

Clear tung oil will not darken the wood any more than wetting it with water would for an example

Tung oil is applied then wiped off, it dries with a satan, not glossy finish

Tung oil is the historical standard for retaining a natural surface

Matching the surface to the rest of the table could be a problem as varnishes commonly used provide a slightly smoother, glossier surface

regarding absortion, tung oil will prevent that to the 98% but not 100% level.

Regarding tung oils self repairing nature, what happens when you apply a new coat then wipe the top layer off with a folded 'paper shop towel' is that it disolves the previous coat and any impurities, then leaves only the new oil in its place (the oil dries hard)

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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thank you...great feedback.