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I have some work being done in my house. Our house only had

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I have some work being done in my house. Our house only had a single 15 amp circuit supplying the lighting and receptacles. Since we had the dry wall taken out, I asked them to bring the bathroom up to code wiring wise. Or bathroom is on the second floor, with our breaker box in the basement. The contractor wants to run the new 12AWG wiring down to the basement, and use an existing hole in the floor joists to traverse back to the breaker box. Right now that hole in the joist already has three non-metallic 14AWG cables running through it (Supporting 15 AMP circuits). I have two questions: 1) Is it safe / code compliant to add a 12AWG (20AMP) non-metalic cable to the existing holes (4 cables in the same hole)? 2) Since we have a false ceiling in the basement, could the cable just be attached to the bottom of the joist to avoid this issue?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I should have mentioned that the work is in the bathroom...

Hi ...........he may be removing the 14 if they are running to the bathroom already .............the National code is to run 3 cables but that would be a blanket statement because local codes may vary that is why you are getting conflicting answers........but run 3 and if you need more just bore another smaller one............I wouldn't surface mount any wires because they would be protected more and if in case you ever decide to drywall they will be out of reach from attaching drywall it isn't good sort of a utility area they can get marred or cut and pose a risk.......I hope I have answered what you have inquired about and I hope you will consider a positive rating so that I may receive credit .....if not I ask that you consider replying back to me with any of your concerns.

Thank you


Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I am OK with this answer. The answer would be excellent if you could tell me how you calculated the answer based on National Electric Code (I have access to the National Electric Code). I am happy to give you an Ok either way, but in truth, I am not sure I can validate the answer is correct. If I don't hear back from you, I will submit back credit for answering the question. I know this is only $25. Just letting you know where I stand.

I am qualified but not certified being around all the trades for close to 40 years........some things come from experience and not calculations that is why I submitted to you the safe can use this as a stepping stone to follow and confirm what you read...........we have nothing to do with refunds you have call on customer service for that............I can accept you not rating my professional view ....but I hope it has helped in some small way

Thank You and have a good Holiday


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