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Eddie, Home Improvement Contractor
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I had can lighting install last year. Two of the lights on

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I had can lighting install last year. Two of the lights on two different switches periodically "click" on or off. After being on for a while one will click off and after a while will click back on. The bulbs have extensions to screw in and I have replaced them but no difference. Any ideas?

Hi Fred ..........what is happening is you are having what is called thermal shut down........they are on for a while ......get too hot and shut off.........this might be happening because there might have been insulation that was put too close to the fixture ......a remedy is you can purchase a LED light that will retrofit into the can ..............they will not produce that much heat, are brighter and will last a good long time.............the only drawback is that you probably have cans with stylish trim kits and they would all have to be changed to match I guess...........let me know



Customer: replied 6 months ago.
When you say retrofit do you mean the led will fit the existing can or some part will need to be changed ( trim kits you mentioned)? I will check for insulation on light in attic when I get a chance. Main thing is there any chance of catching fire?

yes it will fit actually screws into the existing socket and then the trim/light combo is lifted into the can

I didn't know you had access so yes please check that the insulation is at least 3 inches away from the can

have to look at it this way ........if the light is shutting down......why take a chance with that ...move the insulation away 3 inches if that doesn't seem to work go 6 inches..........after that swap them out to the LED's

Eddie, Home Improvement Contractor
Category: Home Improvement
Satisfied Customers: 730
Experience: owner of Island Pro-Craft
Eddie and other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Seems straight forward. Thanks for the info.

one other thing they have LED bulbs for recessed lighting about 25.00 at the Depot but I just didn't know how much heat they emit ....................I wouldn't think it is a lot but you can try one because the LED retro fits are about the same cost

Thank you for the positive rating............ I hope you were able to make an informed decision..........if you need anything else home improvement wise....... construction…….decorating...... or any kind of repairs etc....... please look for me has been a pleasure ..........and Happy Hew Year to you


Mr./Mrs. Customer, this isCustomer

A simpler method of determining if your cans are IC Rated, meaning they are suitable for direct contact with insulation is to remove the lamp (and possibly the trim) then look at the can housing. If it is silver (unpainted aluminum) it is IC Rated and there is no need to take a trek to the attic.

If on the other hand the can is painted white, it is not IC Rated and insulation within 3 inches of the sides or on top of the can could be part of the problem and a fire hazard as well.

Many times though, this is caused with a lamp that is too large (in watts) for the fixture. Each fixture has a label inside of it that shows the maximum size of lamp for a particular trim.

If the lamp size is higher than the fixture is rated for the thermal protector will do what you have described. When the fixture gets too hot the thermal protector opens turning off the lamp then after cooling down the protector closes again turning the lamp back on. If let go long enough this cycle can damage the thermal protector or increase the risk of fire.

Either way, there should not be any need to change the trim. Many lamp manufacturers have LED lamps available in the style that looks like your existing incandescent lamps and will work with your existing trims.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you

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