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My home was built in 2012 in Alberta (Fort McMurray) which

Customer Question

My home was built in 2012 in Alberta (Fort McMurray) which building code edition will apply? Strong winds blew shingles off and the builder (repaired) them. After the wildfires the roof was inspected for fire damage and the inspector said there was no fire damage but he showed me pictures of the roof and said he had never seen this before. The pictures showed exposed nails in a row in several areas at the bottom of the shingles, areas where the shingle above did not and could not overlap the exposed nails. This was their apperant repair job, exposed nails not even sealed. They have since put seal on these nails, is this acceptable? My understanding is that the only area where sealent is permitted to cover nails is on the last cap of every ridge. Am I correct or is it an acceptable repair to seal these nails at the bottom of the shingle with sealant? I can send pictures if needed. Any advice?
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Martin replied 7 months ago.

Hi. This might apply here (at page 10):

So sealed can be OK, but i don't feel happy about it. It would require yearly inspection. Asphalt shingle under UV tend to shrink and that is fine when they are floating but when nailed they can tear at the non mobile nail position (the sealing need to accomodate for that and be very UV resistent itself).

Having global picture would help to see what happened. Some lemon product can shrink abnormally and expose the nail that were under the upper layer.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Getting back to my first question which edition of the Alberta building code would apply? House built in 2012. I already have the info by municipal affairs, I believe the sealant is ok for the last cap on the ridge as there is no way to cover those nails and like you said shrinkage would not be an issue at that spot. I believe they are misrepresenting what the municipal performance guidelines say. This is why I need the code regarding shingle installation
Expert:  Martin replied 7 months ago.

Closest document would be 2014 Alberta, 2010 Canada.

I did not see hom much of the roof is like you mention. A fix is acceptable for small defect, but otherwise no nail should be visible and the work should be redone at the cost of the contractor or the shingle manufacturer if the shingle shrinked out of spec and showed the nail under the initially well installed ones .

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