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I planted some tomatillos early June. I noticed one of the

Customer Question

I planted some tomatillos early June. I noticed one of the saplings had what I presumed to be an early 'fruit,' but it's become by now a large empty sack that's the shape of a fruit. meanwhile the growth o f this plant in relation to its 'siblings' is relatively stunted. it's not flowering as much owing to what I presume to be nurturing this 'sack.' What should I do? take off the sack, or let it continue to grow?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Martin replied 11 months ago.

HI. Only remove new growth once the fruit are starting to grow. Make sure it is fertilized enough. As cousin of potato and tomato, they can produce root on buried part, the more you burry of the stem, the more vigor the plant can acheive. Those plant also like a slightly acidic soil. If you happen to see fruit not so good it may be a problem with the amount of sun they get (those are full sun plant) or pollenation (if no bee got to it, you need to do it manually (a small feather work well or a "vibrating thing...").

Another problem may be th seed source, like for tomato, at one point they need to be mixed with plant from different origin or the DNA eventually get weak.

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