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I got a Klikr3 1995 Chamberlain garage door opener and can't

Customer Question

I got a Klikr3 for my 1995 Chamberlain garage door opener and can't get it to connect. It does not have the same schematic as the directions, but there are instructions on the opener itself I tried unsuccessfully to follow. Would you please direct me?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Daniel Zingarelli replied 1 year ago.

I'll give you here the instructions for a model 1000, and these will work for several other models as well. Please get back to me if it does not work.

This type of instructions works for garage door openers with a smart button. The smart button is usually a green square button with a small L.E.D. light next to it, and it is near the force control knobs on the motor housing, The force control knobs are very small knobs that can be turned either with thumb and forefinger or by screwdriver.

1--Make sure the battery in the remote is fresh or that it works. Also make sure that the light bulb in the opener is fresh or that it works.
2--Locate the smart button.
3--Erase the old codes by pressing and holding the smart button until the indicator LED light goes out. Now no remote will work, so even if you have lost one you are secure.
4--Reprogram each remote using the following steps:

5--For each remote, press and hold the button that you use to open the door. Hold it.
6--While holding the button on the remote, press the smart button. As soon as the light bulb on the opener flashes, which should be almost immediate, then let go of the smart button, and quit pressing the remote button.

That remote will be reprogrammed.

Good luck

Expert:  Daniel Zingarelli replied 1 year ago.

1/2 is not the model number

It is usually found on the motor housing either on the back of the motor or under the plastic light bulb cover. Sometimes it is found on the side of the unit. There is a model number on every single chamberlain garage door opener ever manufactured.

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