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I have a garage door opener Chamberlain part number

Customer Question

I have a garage door opener Chamberlain part number 41A4252-7D. I have taken the chain off the sprocket. When I push the switch for the door opener, the motor makes a humming noise, but the sprocket does not move. If I manipulate the sprocket –– it only moves a bit –– and then switch the door opener, the sprocket will move a few turns one way, and then back a few turns, and then again be frozen.
Can you help?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.

Hi my name is ***** ***** am a Home Improvement Contractor with a broad spectrum of knowledge in many fields including repairs done in a span of 39 years. I can help you with your difficulties but I will need some information and I will ask you questions that I will need specific answers for. I am asking you to help me, help you. I am not there, on site, and it is that much more difficult for me, or anyone for that matter, to diagnose what the problem could be. That way, with your help, finding out what is right with it, is a step to eliminate what is wrong with it ......sometimes it may be one of a hundred things but together with your patience we can work toward a goal to get this issue resolved. I will do my best to provide you with a satisfactory and a reasonable answer.

If I may ask:

1-) The make CHAMBERLAIN and model and/or number 41A252 7D of the unit in question and do you have the manual for it?

2-) how old it might be and if you are the original owner

3-) there are 2 safety sensors on your door do they have an amber, or green light that is on steady and not flickering?

4-) can you tell me if you have a working wall control and how many remotes

5-) any flashing lights on the opener and how many times it blinks before pausing? The color of the learn button

6-) has there been any kind of disruption that may have changed the dynamics with this opener....any wiring or perhaps the kids playing there or a recent power outage

7-) are you using ONLY the equipment that came with this opener?

8-) do you have a chain....YES ..belt......or screw drive?

9-) what exactly happens when you do click the transmitter?....... the door doesn't move but you hear the motor? goes partial way?........reverses?

10-) do you feel that you are capable of making simple adjustments and more than mechanical in making some harder ones if necessary?

We can start here and with the info you provide I will add steps toward our target as we proceed by our correspondence

If by some reason a resolution to the problem just isn't possible, I will do my best to supply you with any remaining options, from what other resources I can find.

Please, since we take pride in our good reputations, and you might feel the need to choose a bad service rating, I ask that you stop and consider replying back to me with any of your concerns.

Please always allow me time to prepare information for you. In case I have to go offline I am always checking back to keep things moving and expedited.

And thank you for your help and assistance


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
1) The part # ***** *****; I do not have the manual. 2) The date on the opener is 12/97; I am not the original owner. 3) The safety sensors by the door are green, and they are glowing steadily. 4) The wall control works; we have one remote. 5) I see no flashing lights on the opener. What is a 'learn' button? There is a button on the backside of the opener, and it is green. 6) We do have power outages on occasion; it has not affected the opener in previous times. 7) Yes. 8) Chain. 9) I have taken the chain off the sprocket on the opener to check its movements. When I push the button to open the door, I can hear the motor, the sprocket remains frozen. If I work the sprocket back and forth (I can only move it slightly), and then press the door opener switch, the motor will turn the sprocket only a few turns, and then its back to its frozen state. 10) Yes.
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.

Okay Ron ......since you disconnected the drive what I would like to try is to manually reset the travel limits and see if it does the trick for us.......what you would do is unplug and disconnect the drive from the gear again......then plug it back in....... Increase both up and down travel adjustments screws until you feel them stop. Put a piece of cardboard or paper between the sensors to simulate an obstruction. Press the transmitter and this will spin the sprocket counter clockwise as if it was opening. When the unit stops, you should hear 10 clicks, this is a signal that the sensors were obstructed and the unit is in the up position. Decrease the down travel screw by turning the screw clockwise 6 complete turns (360 degrees).

Remove the cardboard from the sensors and press the transmitter again, this will simulate the unit running the door by having the sprocket turning clockwise to the down position. When the door stops, the unit ran itself to the closed position. Unplug the unit.

Then decrease the up travel screw - turn it counter clockwise 15 complete turns (360 degrees). Once it reaches the inside of the trolley, put the unit back together if it is off

The garage door should now travel a majority of the way up and down. You may still need to adjust the travel screws slightly to get the garage door to travel the desired distance. Then we have to run the force test ..................but lets see how we are after this



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Eddie. I tried your suggestions. My opener's up and down screws only turn about 3/4 of a turn in total, and so I turned them as far as they would go. I got the sprocket to turn in one direction and then switch direction, and turn in the other direction about the same amount, an amount that would have moved the door about a foot. The bulb that lights up the garage came on, and I heard clicks. I was not fast enough to count the number. There is the little green switch on the opener –– a 'learning' switch? –– does it have anything to do with anything? Now, the sprocket is again frozen, and I cannot get the motor to turn it in either direction. Anything else I can try?
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.

the learn button only be for programming the transmitters

I hate to say this Ron but after you tried this the next thing might be a bad control board (90. part) or a tired motor and it looks like it might be in need of a replacement where to they start around 150. and you sound handy enough to cover the labor as a weekend project.......they come with explicit install instructions..........and today's models are much more user and diagnostically friendly........I have to put that out there for you so you can make an informed and discernible decision.........if it is just the logic board you want to replace then let me know I will help on whatever you decide



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Eddie. Maybe I did not read the information right. I thought I was contacting Chamberlain's technical support, but you are a home improvement contractor. You did not know the specifics of my opener; you got the part number wrong and the information you worked with (the turning of the buttons for the up and down) was not applicable to my opener. I am approximately where I was when the opener stopped working. Is it the logic board? is it a 'tired' motor? Can they be replaced? for what amounts? availability of parts? Every time you come back to me, I have to work to find your answer behind another advertisement. I can switch to a 'live phone call' for $32.00 –– oh, wait! that is an 'additional amount.' Actually, that is how I began; I called the number I found online for Chamberlain technical support, and after a series of voice agenda options, I was waiting and anticipating a contact with a real live person to help me. I finally despaired of ever getting one, and so I went with this online option. So, Eddie, I am sure that you did the best you could with your givens, but I am not happy with what the service did for me. So what rating do I give to this exchange?
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.

if you don't rate anything no harm is done but a bad rating I'm not sure I deserve that probably will find the same answers from see the thing is it is so hard to do this by correspondence sometimes...........we try our best............if I were onsite I could possibly have this up and running in an hour or it would be easier to diagnose........that's all I'll say let your conscience be your guide..........good luck


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