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duane, Carpenter
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  carpenter for 15 yrs ? 10 years own business
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The addition is 6'X14'. We need to demo the floor,

Customer Question

The addition is 6'X14'. We need to demo the floor, exterior side wall in order to replace rotted sill plates and joists. We will need to take off 4' of exterior planks to fix and also remove and reinstall windows as they are leaking. ROUGHLY, ROUGHLY what should this project cost? Work scope and pics attached. THANK YOU!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  duane replied 1 year ago.

Well judging from the pics looks like it is just the little pop out with the shed roof ? So that is good news ...the problem is the do job rite and rig up support to hold wall sections .but you say Windows are leaking badly so if you tear open wall I bet there is considerable damage that is not seen truly since small pop out I am sure it will be cheaper to simply pull off // demo entire pop out on home and start over with proper flashings for all weather infusion points but depending on local carpenter prices i t should be less than 6,000 dollars I know it could be done here in Portland Oregon area for that

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks. You feel the labor at 6K or the entire project? The estimate came in at $14K which includes all materials, demo, cedar plank replacement, re rock, tile floor, baseboard, paint, etc... You saw the work scope?
Expert:  duane replied 1 year ago.

hello welcome to just answer.. this is Duane sorry if i was not clear on discreiption off scope but does the 14000 is that demo and replacing as standing unit or as i had suggested that cheaper to demo enitre pop out easy of labor to due that way but 6000.. would be demo and framing and roof .. if you add another 3000 on to that for siding and floor and shet rock and wiring depending on how many plugs and switches another 1000 ??? so toatal in my area 10000 complete the other bids you have maybe higher . just do to trying to save existing strucure by looking at pics it is add on so not historical or anything like that but i suggest you get 3 to 4 good bids and then decide i know market can be widly differnt from coast to coast ?? so good luck but i were bidding this job i would give you 2 bids one for demo &rebuild and one to try save existing walls and roof just less labor to demo and statyr over on this project ??ty please respond back with any further needs

Expert:  duane replied 1 year ago.

just following up to see how your bids have gone hopefully you have had luck in process. thank you for your time

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