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I have a lift-master model1280. The motor engages and the

Customer Question

I have a lift-master model1280. The motor engages and the light goes on when the opener is hit, but nothing moves, the motor just hummmmms. I tested the springs and they seem good. what to do????
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.
Hi my name is ***** ***** am a Home Improvement Contractor with a vast array of knowledge in many fields including repairs done in a span of 38 years. I can help you with your difficulties but I will need some information and I will ask you questions that I will need specific answers for. I am asking you to help me, help you. So if I can ask you to take the time and answer, to the best of your knowledge. I am not there, on site, and it is that much more difficult for me, or anyone for that matter, to diagnose what the problem could be. That way, with your help, finding out what is right with it, is a step to eliminate what is wrong with it ......sometimes it may be one of a hundred things but together with your patience we can work toward a goal to get this issue resolved. My goal today will be to provide you with a satisfactory and a reasonable answer to earn an excellent service rating from you.If I may ask: 1-) The make LIFTMASTER and model and/or number 1280 of the unit in question and do you have the manual for it? 2-) how old it might be and if you are the original owner 3-) there are 2 safety sensors on your door do they have an amber, or green light that is on steady and not flickering? 4-) can you tell me if you have a working wall control NO and how many remotes 5-) any flashing lights on the opener and how many times it blinks before pausing? The color of the learn button 6-) has there been any kind of disruption that may have changed the dynamics with this opener....any wiring or perhaps the kids playing there or a recent power outage 7-) do you feel that you are capable of making simple adjustments and more than mechanical in making some harder ones if necessary? We can start here and with the info you provide I will add steps toward our target as we proceed by our correspondenceIf by some reason a resolution to the problem just isn't possible, I will do my best to supply you with any remaining options, from what other resources I can find.Please, since we take pride in our good reputations, and you might feel the need to choose a bad service rating, I ask that you stop and consider replying back to me with any of your concerns.And thank you for your help and assistanceeddie
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
1.Model 1280 I have manual
2. 25 yrs. original owner 3.don't know not sure what you mean. 4. wall control working 5.don't know 7.yes.
On items 3&5 I can check if required.
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.
Hi ........Question 3 .if it is 25 years old you probably don't have any safety sensors attached on the rails a foot above the floor..............they reverse the door in case a child or pet would be harmed by the door is mandatory now ...........Question 5 again just a indicator on newer model for diagnostics what it could be is a broken gear where your drive is ........whether it be a chain......or belt is not engaging now......after a long period these parts become old and brittle.........what you want to try is close the door and pull the rope to manually operate............. then take a good look at the top of the motor and look for the broken part when you click the might have to lift off a cover plate to expose the insides and see.............please let me knowThankseddie
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The unit is model 1280LM and it does have the safety senors. I looked but the motor is enclosed and I would need to start taking the case apart to see it anything is broken. What is your advise???
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.
I would do it .........if you love a challenge you might want to also.................the cover has 6 screws to it probably ............two at the top on each side (lets say east and west as you are looking up at it) and then one around the bottom of each side by the lens covers (north and south)...........that covering box should come off and you will be able to see the gear if it has broken or worn teeth............make sure you unplug the unit first is entirely up to you on replacing this gear .............we can probably get you through it together ..............if you feel you might want a newer opener that's up to you to decideeddie
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.
I hope I have been of some help and you would consider a good ratingThankseddie
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.
I hope you found my answers to your questions helpful and of sound value and would consider a positive rating so I may receive credit for my help. I'm very passionate and proud of my work here and the positive ratings given by clients like you!Thankseddie