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Russell H.
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Have a sentry tubular lock safe that has internal latch that

Customer Question

Have a sentry tubular lock safe that has internal latch that will not release it appears a piece of paper is the source of the problem. How might I clear this issue or how can I force the lid open even if it destroys the safe.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Russell H. replied 1 year ago.

Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

Since it appears you are rather desperate to get the safe open, even if at the cost of damaging it, there are some things you can try that are marginal in the possible-damage department.

But first: if there is paper *in* the latch, jamming it from opening by friction... then you might have to rattle the door, the latch, and the lock, to overcome this frozen-in-place-by-friction factor. Rattle away royally, putting intermittent pressure on the door to shut-it-more, while rattling at the latch lever (or whatever the opening handle is), and just plain jiggling things around.

If that approach fails, next comes trying lubrication:

First, if it is only one sheet of paper (and not a whole sheaf) you might try simply squirting a very little water into the region where the paper is stuck. Not enought water to get into the mechanism! I cannot emphasize it enough. A drop or two, as with an eye-dropper or such. Or a delicate spray from a spray-watering-bottle or other spritzer.

The water, getting onto the paper (only, hopefully, and not anything else) will make the paper softer and spongier. It may not cease to jam things shut, but... it might cease to, also.

An hour after that, if it hasn't helped, then you can try spraying WD40 into the latch, to make things slipperier than water-soaked paper (but only the paper so soaked! hopefully) can make them.

And after that, if it still doesn't open with effort nor with jiggling and rattling... you may have to peel the safe open with a chisel. But at this stage, if you can wait for me to get back to you, let me know what model # ***** safe is, and I can advise you better, either as to breaking it open, or as to other things to briefly try. In fact, getting back to me promptly with that info, might save a good bit of trouble, if the above advice is not really suited to your exact safe model.