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I have just bought my Neighbors home as is, and i am

Customer Question

I have just bought my Neighbors home as is, and i am starting to bring it up to code, the Walls in one bedroom failed inspection, they were covered with cheap 1970'thin paneling that was epoxied on…the Paneling came right off, but what was underneath was the original Wet Plaster, Not drywall, and it has a lot of damage(probably why they put up the paneling) The room is a pretty simple 10ft x10ft, with a ceiling about 7'6"..I have removed all the trim Also, have removed all loose plaster, and Am looking to hang 1'4 sheetrock…here is my question? As far as the Trimming, Should I Let the Sheetrock Go Flush to the door and window frames, or Should I get a 1/4 thick shim to put on the frames below where the Final Trim will go? I have never done a hang Over old walls before, and it seems to me that the trimming setting right in the end will be the hardest part to map it look right, And Ideas?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Eddie replied 1 year ago.

Hi Gino ........things you have to be aware of if the plaster has bows or bellies in it..... would make that 1/4 inch rock bow a little bit too you might want to step it up to 3/8..........use a dab of joint compound and then press it into a desired leveled spot and screw around away a little bit from would also add to the adhesion of the far as the trim you would be much better off removing the casing and extending the jambs......if you have stained doors it will be a little tricky to match but if you have painted doors it will be a piece of cake........ re-trim (I would buy and use new casing too, because what you will remove might be dried out and probably break, and it isn't that much more to have brand new) you do decide to leave the trim it will be so much harder to cut the drywall precisely and then to flat tape it would be added work around all those trimmed areas extend the jambs with 3/8 x 3/4, glue and a couple of finishing nails casing you'll be happy with what you accomplished...........if you have any other questions about this just get back to me



P.S. I would picture frame the windows too instead of putting a sill back