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I checked power @ plug which is good ..key pad on outside

Customer Question

I checked power @ plug which is good ..key pad on outside lights and cycles ....the side to side sensors are unobstructed.... The controller pad on the inside of the garage does not have batteries yet before would have a reading.... Now nothing and the controller pad has one upper pad that controls opening and closing of the door. ( does not work ) the two lower control tabs on the pad one controls a lock setting and the other controls the light.....None of the controls respond and nothing appears on the display ...I took the cover off the lifting unit and attempted operating the unit from the buttons marked learn one is purple one black neither respond the unit is a Chamberlain Liftmaster Elite Series Part #41DB002-2 Model # ***** Serial # ***** Mfg. Date 04/16/07.....Please Suggest
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.

Hi Mark,

Have there been any recent power outages or thunderstorms which may have damaged the control panel by causing a power surge?

If the controller pad suddenly stopped working, then either it has suffered some damage or has an internal fault, and will need to be sent for repair or possible replacement.

As it is over 8 years old, it may have suffered a sudden failure due to a faulty component - it would need to be tested at a service center to locate the faulty component and replace it.


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