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There are professional guidelines that should be observed in

Customer Question

There are professional guidelines that should be observed in a home inspector's operation. These include client confidentiality, using a standard inspection procedure, and
A. asking the homeowner to point out defects in the house.
B. providing several types of test data on the home.
C. providing the highest-quality technical information.
D. getting paid before delivering your service.
2. Which one of the following services should not be performed by a home inspector?
A. Conference with the client to explain what a home inspector does
B. Repair and replacement of defective systems in the home
C. Reporting of information about necessary repairs
D. Preparation of a carefully worded written inspection report
3. Which of the following statements is true?
A. More home inspections are performed for relocation companies than for any other type of client.
B. The law requires a home inspection prior to every property transaction.
C. The same person should perform both the home inspection and the property appraisal.
D. Most home inspection requests come from real estate professionals.
4. In a property transaction, the homeowner increasingly has a legal responsibility to
A. arrange an inspection for hazardous materials.
B. disclose all information on the home's condition to interested buyers.
C. pay all the inspection fees.
D. repair any and all problems found during the home inspection
5. The main reason real estate agents use home inspections is to
A. shield sellers from mistakes made by agents.
B. search for sound investment properties.
C. protect themselves from legal liability.
D. set prices on the properties they list.
6. A written document containing a description of a property as of the day of inspection is called a(n)
A. working-order clause.
B. property transaction contract.
C. inspection report.
D. ASHI certificate.
7 By nature, the home inspection business does not provide
A. the client with a positive inspection report, omitting any negative findings.
B. both general and detailed information on homes and commercial properties.
C. professional inspection services to help realtors sell property to their customers.
D. inspection reports to assist the client in making a buy or no-buy decision.
8. Which of the following statements is false?
A. Technical knowledge of home inspection is far more important than communication skills.
B. A technical degree may be helpful, but it's not necessary to become a qualified home inspector.
C. A willingness to learn and a desire to succeed are important home inspector qualifications.
D. After completion of the home inspection course, it's necessary to gain field experience by inspecting homes with an experienced home inspector.
9. In some states, real estate agents are legally required to
A. back up the claims their clients make about home conditions.
B. appraise the values of the properties they sell.
C. hire home inspectors to perform pre-sale inspections.
D. pay the fee for the pre-sale home inspection.
10. What are the four steps of a home inspection?
A. Inspection of property, analysis of information, preparation of report, delivery of report
B. Initial conference with client, analysis of information, delivery of report, payment for services
C. Payment for services, inspection of property, report to real estate agent, delivery of report
D. Inspection of property, consultation with appraiser, delivery of report, analysis of information
11. Which of the following statements is false?
A. Simple, standard wording should be used so the client can understand the information.
B. The inspector should use a checklist, so that nothing will be overlooked during the inspection.
C. The inspector must be familiar with a standard inspection method and use it with ease.
D. The inspector should encourage the client to contribute ideas toward the analysis.
12. Why is field experience necessary to become a successful home inspector?
A. Inspection techniques require extensive use of sophisticated test equipment information.
B. There aren't enough high-quality books published on the subject yet.
C. Apprentice home inspection programs don't provide the technical experience you need.
D. Field work will give you the confidence and experience you need.
13. A construction consultant may be responsible for
A. purchasing construction materials.
B. performing building code inspections.
C. assisting with the design of house plans.
D. overseeing contractors and releasing payments.
14. Which of the following is the main purpose of home inspection societies and
professional associations?
A. To "self-regulate" the home inspection industry
B. To assist local governments in creating building codes
C. To certify people starting out in the home inspection business
D. To license and regulate home inspectors
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  MsBabyD replied 1 year ago.

I am a national, and International residential, and commercial building inspection Or home inspector as you are calling it for the past 36 years with over 39 certifications. The answers to your questions

A. Most homeowner don't know how there home runs they pay more attention to there cars. Which I think is stupid it your biggest and best investment. But that the fact. And, No they won't point out problems they will cover them 9 of of 10 times.

B. My reports start from crawl space to walking the roof, mold radon, lead, so I am not sure whom you have talk to but you need to get a experience qualified inspector not one that paid 50.00 for a test.

C. I Only provide the highest qualified report which is 46 pages. with pictures.

D. I usually request funds prior to walking into the inspection only because I been stiffed a few times so a few bad apples ruin it for the rest.

E. Which ever they are not certified to perform look at their qualifications. I can do everything from foundation electrical roofing pools, spas, etc. 39 more than anyone else I know. So basical I can inspect anything.

F. A report is written and will explain where there are defaults and code violations. At that point prior to the sell the seller should fix the defects or problems. it is up to the seller and buyer what they agree on.

G. There not a law that a home has to have a home inspection there should be but there not one in any state I am aware of.

H. Home Inspector, and Home Appraiser are two different services. Me personal I can sale buy, inspect appraise but I don't mix them. I like inspection and that what I do. Please to many legal issues arise with combining the two. So, I would never do that. Thank but no thanks.

I. Hazard are reported in a proper home inspection.

J. Home inspectors 85% have no real estate experiance just had one done figure they can do a test online for 50.00 and open a business. Again make sure you hire an experiance Home inspector with over 15 years experiance.

K. All the defects and notes are inclosed in a full home inspection report. And have to be disclosed along with the pictures.

L. Buyers higher home inspector not real estate agents that would be a conflict of interest.

M. There are several home Inspection agencencies such as and other not just one.

N. I am sorry but this statement is the most untruthful one I have come across I provide a complete report not only on the surrounding property but the building and disclose everything or I guarantee to buy the home at the purchase price back from the buyer!.

As for the other statements you get what you pay for you want a cheap inspector then that is the service you pay for. I charge 450.00 plus depending on the property and size But it also takes me 4-6 hours.

We our certified and take courses, I have know Idea where any of this is coming from But if you would like to know anything I can help you with you are more them welcome to contact me.

Respectfully Yours,


Customer: replied 1 year ago.

OMG!! I am very sorry for that, hurry does make waste. These are a few of Penn Foster questions on the Home Inspector exam. The exam number is ***** I will give the details next time, please forgive me and i hope this info helps.

Expert:  MsBabyD replied 1 year ago.

not the best place to go or learn to be honest. check out