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Category: Home Improvement
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I just spent 12,000.00 on a whole new drive way last June

Customer Question

I just spent 12,000.00 on a whole new drive way last June 2014. Now there is crater holes everywhere. I called the guy that did the work and he blames it on the weather. I feel he used bad cement. He also blames it on the 2 vehicles in the driveway. He said he will seal the drive way in Nov. I told him it would be cold and snowy then. I live ion Ohio. What and why are the holes everywhere in my NEW driveway??
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I called Chuck Novak cement . He came out and looked at it. He blamed it on the weather in Ohio. He said he will replace 3 blocks and seal it in Nov 2015. Can you seal drive in Nov , when it's cold? I notice these Crater holes in May 2015. The drive way has not even been a year old yet. It seems like the drive is very sandy. weak cement... Prob the cement is not strong. He did say he will change the 3 blocks and that is it. The rest of the driveway is starting to get Crater hole's but they are small but it will get bigger. Your thoughts Please.. Thank you
Expert:  NCCPrime replied 1 year ago.

It cannot be the weather if the work was done in June. Even if that was the case he should know better when he can actually do concrete work and when is not the right time. Also, it is completely ridiculous to have problems only a year after was done. From what Ii understand the cement mixture was not the right one. I have a feeling he was not as knowledgeable as he should. Or he had somebody doing the work that he did not know how to do it right. For sure is it not the weather. Now as far as sealing it in November then for sure is not the best time if it is going to be a freezing weather. Hope that helps and good luck