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I reprogrammed my Genie opener, after that was done the door

Customer Question

I reprogrammed my Genie opener, after that was done the door will only go down by holding the wall button down until the door is completely down. How do I fix?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  AssuredElectrical replied 1 year ago.

Welcome. My name is ***** ***** would be glad to assist.

If the door operates normally when using the wall button or remotes for open, but only will close with the wall button being held until the door touches the floor and then released, that is an indication of the safety photo eyes.


When the (photo eyes) or associated wiring are malfunctioning,
the door will often open as normal with the remotes,and wall buttons however,
will not close with the remotes or keypad and will only close by keeping
constant pressure on the wall button.

The safety sensors are located at the door with one on each side facing
each other. Normally Each should have its own indicator light.
If one is amber and one green.
Amber is usually the sending unit and the green is the receiver.
So, if there is no green light, the sensor does not sense the area clear because of mis alignment, dirty lens, wires etc.

The safety sensors may be dirty. Wipe lenses with a damp cloth

They can easily become mis-aligned due to bumping,twisting and loose mounting and
can easily move when the door is moving along the track as it twists the rail slightly.

The safety sensors may be misaligned (This is the most common issue with
Garage Door openers). Make sure that all mounting brackets are tight.

Moving one of them just slightly can bring them into alignment, so caution on moving them too much at one time.
Watch the led lights on each one as you attempt to get them aligned, you will see one one of them light up if it
was out and that is the spot to hold it in place.

Open garage door, then look at the safety sensors. If they both have lights on then continue.
Then take an object large enough to set between the 2 sensors, and see what
the sensors do.-One turns off?
The key here is to see a change.

If there is a change, then remove the object and see that the lights
are back to normal.
Once back to normal, press the button on the remote and WATCH the sensor eyes
for even a FAST blink which will activate reverse

It only takes a split second blink on the sensor eyes to activate the reversing mechanism.
Many times it takes 2 people to watch, one on each side in order to catch the blinking.

Just reply after verifying and testing, hopefully the problem is cured with one of the two and the wiring is ok.

If that does not solve your problem,

Follow the wire from the ceiling opener terminals
all the way to the sensors to be sure they are not broken or damaged

Again, just an instant flicker will make the door reopen, so you must watch
very closely.

Keep me posted on what you find and the results.


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