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We were using epoxy to refinish our bathroom tiles and some

Customer Question

we were using epoxy to refinish our bathroom tiles and some got onto the bath surround. we used brush cleaner to clean off the epoxy, and while the epoxy dissolved, what remains is this dull film. how do we get the surround to its original glossy shine?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  ApplianceTech replied 2 years ago.

First a brief overview of the process: This is a chat formum, so I’ll need to communicate back and forth with you. I only ask that you be as clear as you can in your responses back to me as I am not in front of your machine and I have to be able to understand the problem before I can give you a clear answer to your problem. Please be patient also as I have others that I am trying to help in between your replies back to me.
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So lets begin!

Mos likely, the finished was damaged my the solvent you used to remove the epoxy or there is still a epoxy film that will have to polished off.

My suggestion is to purchase some light grade rubbing compound available at most auto parts store followed by a scratch and swirl remover. Which is like a auto wax with a slight abrasive built in . These products are meant for auto paint , but it will work just as well on your surround. Most surrounds are made of acrylic plastic. You could also purchase a foam head to use a power drill, that may give you faster results that doing it by hand. Just don't put too much pressure using a drill and cause the head to overheat. Slow and light is the way to go.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
do you know names for the light grade rubbing compound and scratch and swirl remover, or would the auto people know what I am talking about?
Expert:  ApplianceTech replied 2 years ago.

Just ask for light rubbing compound and swirl and scratch remover from any auto parts store. They will know what your need.

Expert:  ApplianceTech replied 2 years ago.

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