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I have tried to use the Dap Expandable X hose past

Customer Question

I have tried to use the Dap Expandable X hose for the past two years and every one I purchased blew-up due to water pressure. Too bad since the advantage is their are really light weight. It seems like many of the normal watering hoses are way too heavy
to use easily. The question is: what is the best hose on the market that is light weight yet reliable?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  The Home Smithy replied 2 years ago.
Hi, and welcome to JustAnswer.I was starting to look for a better made expandable hose for you and started thinking that it isnt so much a bad design. The concept is simple. Take a long piece of sturdy material (like duck cloth, or nylon fabric) and sew it into a tube as long as you want the hose to be. Get some rubber tubing and scrunch the material around it so that when the rubber hose is filled with water it expands to the size of the tube.The problem you have is the rubber hose blows out or pops the fittings. Solution.... First: Get better rubber hose. I'm looking at the tubing that came out of one my Mom bought last year (yes I'm a pack rat) it is showing signs of deterioration and the only thing it is good for is as a bumper material for a handicapped friend that was tearing up his Moms table legs with his wheel chair.What you need is some good surgical tubing. It is made of latex and as long as you keep the sun off it will last forever. Other than that some good fittings from your local hardware store and you can rebuild that expensive hose to last for many years to come.Other than this idea you can go to Harbor freight and get some 3/8" air hose and adapt it to the spigot and spray attachments. It is light weight and will still deliver a good solid stream of water.Let me know if you need anything else.Best, Smitty