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My Anderson back door is grabbing at the bottom making it difficult

Customer Question

My Anderson back door is grabbing at the bottom making it difficult to lock and unlock as well as close. I'm concerned I will break the door because I have resorted to kicking it at the bottom to get it open. If I lift up on it I can open it but the handle goes down to open, and lifting is difficult at the same time.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.
What type of Anderson door? Is it a full light glass door? if you aren't sure I need a picture of the door and a picture of the hinges (with the door open & closed).You can post a picture here by clicking on the paper clip icon in the tool bar at the top of this dialogue box. You can only post from a PC or a Mac not a phone or a tablet. If that doesn’t work for you then you can upload a pic to a file sharing service like OR and post the “share” link to your picture here or you can email the pic to customer service but the last option can take quite a while to get to me. Click on the CONTACT US link to contact customer service.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Call me at(###) ###-####sent pics via email
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.
Until I see the pics a phone call won't help. Also a phone call is an additional charge. Where did you email the pics to? Customer service? If so it will take a while for them to get to me. Any other email address is not likely to work. Do you know it your door an Anderson French Wood door?
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.
If you have a French Wood door (full light glass, wood inside & vinyl clad outside) the hinges are adjustable. There is a hole in the bottom of each hinge and if you insert a 5/32" allen wrench and turn it clockwise (looking up from below) the hinge will lift the door. Keep turning the hinge screw until the top of the door is within 1/8" to 3/16" from the top of the jamb. You need to do this to all 3 hinges. But the first one will offer the most resistance. The other 2 will turn easily and you only turn them until you start to fell resistance.