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canuck the pro
canuck the pro, Handyman
Category: Home Improvement
Satisfied Customers: 2885
Experience:  i have extensive experience in the home improvement industry. my current job is at lowes home improvement.
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Need Second Opinion on: My ice maker freezes the water but

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Need Second Opinion on: My ice maker freezes the water but jams and does not dump the ice. I have taken the machine out. Cleared the ice and reset the machine. It rotates and goes into the proper starting point. Water fills the tray. It freeses but does not drop....????Sid
canuck the pro :

Hi, I'm Mike and I have 20+ years of experience in the home improvement field. I'll be glad to assist you today.

canuck the pro :

When you removed the icemaker did you let it completely defrost before installing again or just clear the cubes?

Customer: It was cold in some spots.
Customer: Did you get my answer???
canuck the pro :

The teeth that go around and push the cubes out are likely getting caught up on some ice that has built up in the basin and around the bar. You would want to completely clean it out. Is the bar in the on position?

canuck the pro :

Sorry you gotta give me a minute to type. I do about 9 words a minute.

Customer: When I took it out, I did use warm water to clear the ice. I do not think there was any ice left anywhere when I put it back together.
canuck the pro :

Is the bar in the on position?

Customer: Take your time typing....yes the switch is on
canuck the pro :

Could be that the water valve is filling it too much. Do you have an option to change the size of the cubes?

canuck the pro :

Do you use crushed ice a lot?

Customer: No....I have controls only....on off switch and a reset button. When it is frozen, the the reset is frozen also.
Customer: Usually cubes. Not crushed.
canuck the pro :

I bet the valve is overfilling the ice maker and that is causing it to get too frozen to turn. There is a float switch in the ice maker that is the fault then.

Customer: Ok....where do I find the float switch)????
canuck the pro :

Do you know the model number of the ice maker?

Customer: No...I did look for it. But did not see it.
Customer: I have the refrigerator model number....
canuck the pro :

Ok. if you give me that maybe I can find a diagram and part number. It may take me a bit.

Customer: The number is.....LFX25976ST. LG.
canuck the pro :

Okay. Let me see what I can find. Usually I find the part number with the model number at the appliance parts store and order the part.

canuck the pro :

I could not find any parts for that ice maker. The only other recommendation I would have is to replace the ice maker. The part that is failing is inside the ice maker itself. Here is the ice maker unit.

Customer: Thank you for checking the part. I thought all along that it would be best to replace it. The www address, will that show me a new unit and it's cost??? Do you have a sight to buy a new one????
canuck the pro :

Yes. It is a pretty comparable price on the site I attached. $122 I think it was. It is also a reputable site. I usually do not order online at all. I always get my parts from my local appliance parts store. That way they can always recommend other parts that are compatible. Especially with ice makers. You may be able to save $30 ordering at a local store. I order mine at a family owned appliance store with 3 generations behind the counter and an old retired appliance repair guy sitting at the counter at all times. Hope you have one of those!

Customer: I have plenty of supply houses to choose from for the machine. You really helped me save a service call that would probably cost more than the part. I will use this sight again...thanks for info and work...Sid
canuck the pro :

You are very welcome, Sid. I'm very glad to help. Mike

Customer: Bye....
canuck the pro :

Bye to you. Don't forget to give me a kind rating. You've been a pleasure!

Customer: Excellent rating
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