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Is it normal for there to be a little slope of the floor in

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Is it normal for there to be a little slope of the floor in houses? IE having a slope on either side of an interior load bearing joist or interior doorway? If so, how much slope would NOT be ok?
Hi and welcome.
No it is not normal to have a slope in a floor. Floors are constructed level with walls plumb.
If there is a noticeable slope in your floor then that indicates either a bad carpenter or subsidence of the floor or foundation.
If the floor was built level then no slope is okay.
Let me know if you need anything else.
Regards, Smitty
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

How much of a slope would be classified as 'noticeable'? Do most homes, especially older ones have some sort of sloping or are the majority of all homes, regardless of when it is built, not have slope?

A well built home will not slope. A home that is built on stem walls has a greater chance of sloping than a home that is built slab on grade.
Stem walls are usually used only if there is a slope to the property it is built on. There is always a crawl space under these type of homes.
If the stem walls start to sink then the floors they support go down with them. Noticeable to me is about 1" in 8'. Anything less than that I would have to drop something like a golf ball and then I would see it roll across the floor.
All homes will settle some. But once that is done they shouldn't sink anymore......unless something changes to allow the soil to do something. Bad landscaping that causes water to be retained against the foundation is one example. The constantly wet soil can kind of spooge out from under the foundation and it eventually sinks.
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