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I bought a great big box of Diatematius Earth because it was

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I bought a great big box of Diatematius Earth because it was on my list. It was supposed to be for the cat's flea control but I know now I got the wrong stuff. Are there any alternate uses for this stuff in the yard or home or do I just have to throw it out. I don't have a pool.


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a General Specialist and a Vet Tech would love to help you. The Diatomaceous earth you got at the pool store is safe to use around the house and the yard for insects and fleas. It works the same, but does not carry the label food grade on it, so I do not suggest using it on the cat or in the house. I had a problem with ticks after the hurricanes here in Fl. and used it in my yard and as a barrier to get rid of the Ticks and bugs that were aroused after the storms. I do want to warn you it is very dusty, so I would wear a painters mask when spreading it, so not to breathe it in. Any dusty product like Diatomaceous earth can be a nasal and lung irritant. Please let me know if you have further questions and I would be happy to assist you. Joan

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