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I bought a 90 yr old house and want to install a wood stove

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I bought a 90 yr old house and want to install a wood stove in the family room as an alternative heat source for comfort and a heat source if the power goes out. Is it expensive to hook it up to a boiler so I can harness the heat and use it to heat the water? There are no radiators so I would also like to install those and route the heat system to that as well. The current system is oil with floor vents. The house is small under 1200 sq ft.
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What might be considered expensive by one person might not be by another so I can't address that question since it's so subjective. What I can tell you is that it wouldn't be cost effective given your description. No one can give you an estimate without looking at the job but on average you could expect to spend (at a minimum) several thousand Euro to install the hot water radiator system. A more cost effect option might be to install a hot water coil in your existing warm air system (assuming the furnace has a blower). It could be configured so that you could use the blower/fan in the existing system to circulate the heat to the rest of the house when you fire up the wood stove.
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