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A neighbors dog has stripped the bark ( a patch about ift

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A neighbor's dog has stripped the bark ( a patch about ift x 1 ft ) on a mature pine tree. I stopped the dog, but will this kill the tree? Is there anything I can do?
Hello and welcome. I have a very large pine plantation (red and jack pine), so i know a lot about them.

Dogs love biting roots and branch, i understand why they might do the same with bark, they like the texture for their teeth.

If you have not seen the dog start it, it was perhaps a porcupine (they do that on random trees here from time to time) and the dog only got the dangling bark remaining. The tree will survive even if only 25% of living tissue is present around the tree. The height of the scar is even less important. I often have patch larger than 1 ft.

With time, the tree will grow/roll over the area that will first cover in resin. If it is cold right not in your area, the resin will start to flow in the spring (no insect will attack it anyway in a cold winter).

The hotter the temperature is, the faster the resin will melt and cover the area. Pines are among the oldest type of trees, it is not a coincidence they are still with us after all those millions of years, they are very well adapted.
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