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What would be a appropriate starting hourly wage for an 18

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What would be a appropriate starting hourly wage for an 18 year working during a pre-university gap year as an unskilled labourer in a very small, high-tech, specialised mechanical engineering company? Would he expect the minimum wage of £5.03 or something more? Any rough guidelines would be helpful.

I have been in the engineering business for the last 20 years of my 51 year career. Mechanical engineering and project management for high tech facilities and systems all over the US including IBM, Texas instruments, in our nuclear weapons labs and for more than a few small companies including some start ups.

If the firm offers your son a job, take it at whatever wage is offered. The experience will be priceless.

If your son is asking for a job he will best off telling them that he would appreciate an unpaid position helping them around the office... engineering offices are not very much able to use untrained people, so they would have to struggle to find something he could do. Supervising him would burn off a lot of the professionals time.

You son would learn more if he got a job in construction, thats hands on, or in a janitorial positing cleaning high tech manufacturing facilities, his labor would be worth the minimum wage at least. .. and he would learn a lot about life and by working with what engineers design, for better or worse... there is no shortage of failed designs in the world... he needs to see that side of is the most important aspect.

Real world hands on experience with the tools is worth more than engineering office experience in my view..

Tell me a bit about his major and what his other interests are in life, and if he has been offered a job, or is trying to find one. Tell me please what skills he has... CAD drafting for instance or computer programming skills.

Tell me which direction you are in from the center of the nearest city... that will help. we can go from there.

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