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Rick, General Contractor
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  Licensed construction supervisor with 35+ yrs. experience.
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Hi , I gutted my small bathroom , less than 5x5 cuz of a slanted

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Hi , I gutted my small bathroom , less than 5x5 cuz of a slanted wall . I am putting in beveled subway tile , 48" high and upto the ceiling in the shower/tub . Will the beveled make the room smaller ? Should I just go with flat subway ?

Rick :

Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help you with your issue.

The beveled tile may be too busy for such a small room and so much tile. I'd go with flat

Customer: Would you then add black pencil tile near the top fora little interest , how about chair rail at the top instead of a plain bull nose?
Rick :

A black pencil strip would be a nice touch just below a chair rail

Rick :

I assume you mean at the top of the 4' section

Rick :

I'd carry the pencil strip through into the shower area

Customer: Just one strip of black pencil or maybe 2or 3 the floor has a little blacl
Rick :

No more than 2. If you go with 2 I'd spot it 1 course below the strip under the chair rail

Rick :

Also pay attention to the height the shower valve is set

Rick :

It's often set at 48" so you want to avoid the accent strip running through the shower valve if possible

Customer: Do you mean chair rail , black pencil , subway , black pencil , then subway ?
Rick :


Rick :

if the shower valve hasn't been piped in yet I'd set it at 36" which is the alternate height in a tub shower

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