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Flashing question to professional roofers: Is this flashed

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Flashing question to professional roofers: Is this flashed in correctly?

Rick :

Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help you with your issue.

Rick :

It looks like neither edge of the flashing is tucked under the shingles. At a minimum it should be tucked under the shingles on the high side of the roof slope

Rick :

The way this roof collar is installed there's nothing to stop water from running under the flashing even if they stuck it down with roofing cement

Rick :

It's hard to tell from the pic but even if the high side is tucked under the shingle it's still not the proper way to do this. There should be at least 1 course of shingle over the sides as well as the leading edge.

Rick :

It looks like this may be a new roof. If that's the case it would have been a breeze to do this properly.


yes, its a new roof. Am not a roofer, but it didnt look right to me. been having to watch these guys like a hawk!

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Can you tell me what kind of paint is to be used on the flashings and stacks?

The underside of the type of flashing you pictured or other types of boots or collars for penetrations through the roof is typically "painted" with roofing cement. This is a generic term for a spreadable tar like material that comes in cans or even caulking tubes. Black Jack is one common brand, there are many others.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Talking more about the cosmetic color of the vent pipes and vents. To help tie in the color with the roof shingles

Any paint that is compatible with the surface being painted. You would need to use different paint for a PVC plumbing stack than a copper or cast iron stack for example. There are no paints specifically for this purpose.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Can you review these additional pics to see if there is anything more to be concerned about? I didnt include the obvious ones like installing the starter shingles upside down with no overhang over drip edge, nailing through the outside of the drip edge, sloppy cuts on shingles, etc. This guy was fired today from his company, now I need to make sure things get corrected.

Ok, the starter course is typically flipped around (not over) if that's what you mean by upside down. While it's best to have a slight shingle overhang over the drip edge it's not critical. Sloppy cuts and nails through the side of drip edge are more cosmetic than necessarily a performance problem but you're certainly entitled to a good looking job as well as one that will be leak free for years. The stacks through the roof are not done properly and water is very likely to get under the shingles at those points. Even thought the GAF tiger paw is not a primary leak preventative it should always be laid so the upper courses lap the lower ones. If you live in a cold are with snow and ice you should have ice & water barrier in the valleys and at least 6' up from the drip edge. I don't see any. I don't like the weave on the hip ridges. So basically there's something wrong in just about all your pictures.
Rick and 2 other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you

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