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Problem: I cant close my garage door. I push the button

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Problem: I can’t close my garage door. I push the button and the door starts to go down, and when my garage door is about 12 inches off the ground. It changes direction and opens back up. Then the 60 watt bulbs in the garage door motor (Craftsman) start to blink.

Before I close the door I can see an solid XXXXX XXXXXght in the transmitting electric eye, and a solid green light on in the receiving electric eye.

Nothing is obstructing the electric eyes.
Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

Please do 2 tests:

1. With the door opened.
Push the wall button inside the garage, HOLD it down and watch the door.
When the door just touches the floor, RELEASE the button.
See if it stays closed.

2.With the door opened.
Push the button on the wall and release.
Watch the eyes on each side of the door as the door is moving, do not take your eyes off the photo eyes.
See if you see a BLINK at any point of travel when the door reverses.

If needed, do the test twice ( it is hard to watch both at the same time many times), so you can watch one photo eye at a time and don't miss any changes.

Just a split second is all we are looking for at the photo eye while the door is traveling.

Post results and we can continue, thanks
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I followed your step 1 and the door closed.

I opened and closed the door several times watching the sensor lights. It worked fine and the lights did not blink.

If I have this problem again. What do you think my problem might be? I do have a double press board garage door. It's possible that vibration could be causing my problem at the sensors.
Good news.

What happens on many occasions is one of the following.

One of the sensors becomes misaligned for just a brief second as the door is almost closed either because of very small twist on the rail, slight looseness of one of the brackets or even a loose connection point at the sensors.

When the door is traveling, there is some vibration in the rail assembly and that carries to the sensors themselves.

If it does happen again, do the #2 test posted and you should find one of the sensors lights go OFF for a very brief moment. That will at least allow you know where the problem is located and then check all the above at that sensor.

Hopefully it is just a mere loose bracket, worth a check now to be sure. If they are the snap on the rail style, the clips may not be quite snapped all the way.
If they are the bolt on style, a loose nut or bolt will do the trick.

Hope that gives enough info for if it arises again.

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