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How much does it cost per room or per square foot to have concrete

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How much does it cost per room or per square foot to have concrete polished for interior residential?

Had a contractor come and do alot of other work. The quote was lumped together so cannot tell how much each item costs. say 240sqft x $4 = $960. Is this a fair starting point considering carpet removal, grinding, and polishing? If I did a bottoms-up, this is about what I come up with. But none of the other contractors answer their phones to compare costs. So I'm here trying to get an idea.

Legacy Built :

For 240 SF in my area that would be a great price. Polishing alone usually averages $4.50/SF. Removing carpet and prep would be extra. I hope this helps, please let me know if you need further assistance. Thanks for continuing to use JA!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

then how much does the grinding cost per Sqft? That seems to be the messy part but i dunno cause I don't do it.

The polishing and grinding is typically not broken out separately as they are performed by the same contractor and same machine and the grinding is a necessary first step in the process. I do not know the cost for grinding alone.

Both the grinding and polishing are indeed messy as the process is lubricated with water and other liquid chemical additives.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

A total of $3600 was contracted. The other minor work could be valued at $1,800. That could leave $1,800 for grinding/polishing. for 240sqft that would be $7.50. Trying to figure out if additional charges are valid. The floor does not look polished. It just looks grinded. Trying to figure out what is fair and get a finished product. The floor does not look shiny like in this video

I understand. $7.50 seems a little high for just polishing. If you had extra prep work such as removing/re-installing and disposing of trim, carpet, etc., then it could easily and fairly approach that $7.50/SF cost.

When a lump sum cost for a project is given and accepted it is sometimes difficult to determine how all the costs break down.

Regarding the quality of the finished product the polishing should result in a very smooth semi-shiny surface. The finish in the video looks fairly typical and it would certainly be reasonable for you to expect a product that closely resembles the one in the video. If your floor doesn't have an amount of reflectivity to it then I would not consider it polished.
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