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Rick, General Contractor
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  Licensed construction supervisor with 35+ yrs. experience.
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Hi. We bought some land that has a mobile home on it. It

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Hi. We bought some land that has a mobile home on it. It is 2200 sq feet but needs some work. We hope it can be a get away place for us and hope we can fix it up as inexpensive as possible.

1) the well obviously has iron in the water cause the tub, toilet and sinks are all excessively a burnt orange color. Can’t get it off. Can we cover the tub and shower with a new fiberglass cover ( remodel) or do they have t be taken out and then replaced?
We will replace the toilets and the sinks, but would hate to have to replace the larger fixtures.

2) Under the Mobile home a lot of the insulation has fallen out. It is hanging there. What is the best way to out it back or re-secure it to the underneath. Who would we call to do that?

3) How do we remove the iron from the water?

4) The fins on the AC unit are all smashed in. On every side. Can they be combed or is it not worth it ?

5) Lastly, can a cracked boot on the roof be filled or should it be replaced ?

Thank you so much for your help.

Rick :

Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help you with your issue.

1. You can have an insert installed in the tub but you'll need to hire a tub refitting contractor (like Bathfitter) for the job.

2. The underside of the house needs to be enclosed. Mobile homes typically have a fiberboard enclosing the underside holding the insulation in place. You could have a carpenter or even a handy man do this.

3. You might be able to use an iron cartridge type filter if the iron particles are large enough but most of the time you'll need a water softener to remove dissolved iron. Call a water treatment company for a (typically free) water test

4. You might be able to comb out the fins and it will improve the operating efficiency of the unit.

5. Any roof boots that are damaged should be replaced.


Do you have an idea of how much the tub and shower would cost if we use a company like bathfitter?

Rick :

Not offhand. Your best bet is to call and get a quote. One other much less expensive option would be to have the tub refinished by a company like MiracleMethod.


Will they be able to remove the coated iron stains.

Rick :

It depends on the extent of the damage. There is no way I can tell from here. You can ask them for an assessment before you commit to anything.


Do you know by any chance how much it costs to replace a boot on the roof and a small plastic skylight.

Rick :

Probably a couple hundred for the boot replacement. The skylight is something you'll need to get a quote on after an onsite assessment is made


Thank you for all your help. It is greatly appreciated. If I may, we are trying to find the water line that leads from the well to the point of entry in to the MH. Where is the most typical spot we should look for it. Kitchen, bathroom , etc. ?

Rick :

You're welcome! There is no typical spot. But it should be obvious if you get under the MH and look around. It may be in a small enclosed area under the MH.

Rick :

The pipe have to be insulated. Sometimes it's boxed in a small enclosure

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