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Hello, My wife and I had a house inspected before we buy it

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Hello, My wife and I had a house inspected before we buy it in northern Mi. the roof is 10 years old and does not have water and ice shield membrane under the shingles but it needs gutters put on to keep the rain off the deck. Can I still install gutters or am I asking for trouble from ice damage?
Hello and welcome. There is plenty of roofs without membrane that are fine without them and have gutters. I think you refer to the possibility for ice to make a dam on the gutter and allow water to get under the first rows of shingle? That only happen if the roof have a very low slope and if the gutter was installed too high in relation the the border of the roof. If the gutter is lower than the roof, any overflow will go on the empty side of the gutter.

Also, many install gutters leveled and they should not. Always let a small slope to allow water to run down in them.

You can also remove a lot of problem if you go remove some snow from the roof in the winter. On low slope roof, that reduce the dam effect and on high slope roof it prevent avalanche that can sometime rip away the gutter.

Also, don't forget to send the water from the gutters in a direction what will not cause problem to yourself (far from your basement drain) or your neighbors.
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