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Pest controlI am killing one two baby copperheads per day.

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Pest control
I am killing one two baby copperheads per day. My Puppy got bit and that was $850.00 I have been in the swimming pool with three of them. How do I get rid of them? How do I find the den?

Hi Howard, my name is XXXXX XXXXX Dr.Fix-It, Your online expert ready to assist you... It is not easy to find the snake dens nor may it be quite safe doing so. You may try to get a few of these Sentinal units to install around the parameter of your home to drive them away, see > These should be placed in firm soil to help transmit the vibration as far as possible and scare the snakes away. Other then that should keep your lawn trimmed short, shrubs / bushes neat and clear. Basically any items cleaned up from the yard to remove potential hiding spots. Make sure do not have any openings under your home where the snakes can lay low in (fill in small ones and can screen over larger ones) and can even set some traps to capture those that may stray on your property, see >


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I read the links and thought they were very informative. I was thinking couldn't I just put some glue boards around the area where the snakes are? I did happen to catch a small copperhead snake in one in the basement.

You can certainly trap many vermin with sticky traps and may help to place areas not able to clear out where snakes may hide, just remember to use a shovel to keep safe distance when disposing of any trapped snake, as can imagine will not be happy to be stuck... to soon meet their demise.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you