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I noticed our water pressure went down a little so I went out

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I noticed our water pressure went down a little so I went out to investigate if there is a leak and sure enough I notice two of our breaks leading to our front door were wet. I pulled them up and yes mud. The problem is it is a long brick walk way to our front door so I don't know exactly where the leak is since the walk way is sloped downwards.

Our water pipes are 57 years old steal. This is my mothers home. She is 82 when she dies her children will do a knock down rebuild or a sell as is. This house is like the money pit I am nervous about pouring any money into digging up our walkway to find the leak on an old pipe and possibly causing more leaks.

My question is: the leak is somewhere between the water hose outlet and our hook up to the water heater. Both pipes are exposed and easy access to. It about roughly 45 feet in-between. Would it be cheaper to lay new pipe above ground in-between these two easy access pipe or dig up and repair our old pipe underground?

Marc : Hello and thanks for your question. I'll assist you today to the best of my ability. Please, don't rate until we've completed our conversation.
Marc : The answer to your question is this... The cost incurred with digging up the existing line would be equipment (if necessary) plus labor then labor and materials to perform the repair. The cost for running above ground will be materials and labor. Although it may be more piping above ground in the final outcome it will be cheaper and quicker to perform the repair by simply replacing the piping and going above ground.

yes that is what I was thinking. I hope you don't think I am a cheapo but could I hire just a "handyman" for this job and not a plumber. I live in Hawaii and license plumbers here are very expensive. The handyman I suppose would have to have the right equipment for cutting pipe though or is this fairly easy?

Marc : I would assume the "handyman" would be equipped to perform the work or tell you prior to accepting if he doesn't.
Marc : I don't think you are a "cheapo" I understand. We all need to save money every now and then!
Marc : If the pipe is steel then they will need a reciprocating saw (sawzall) to cut the pipe then adapt as necessary with male or female adapters to the new pipe.
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