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I have to finish isolating before the winter the first floor

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I have to finish isolating before the winter the first floor of my house. It never has been finished. It is an unfinished basement under ... still with rocks and earth. Under the floor I want to isolate, there is just the joist and wood (plywood plus wood flooring), and some pipe from bathroom.

I have been told to spray under the foam everywhere, 1" thick, to seal all and increase to R7. Also to wrap all my pipes with the sleeves or the isolation tape. Is it the right way?
hello there

if you're insulating under your house and if you're going to have a company come in and do the spray in insulation which is the best way to go there's no need for you to wrap your pipes because the foam that they spray in between the joists will cover all your copper pipes and all the cavities in your floor underneath this spray in foam is the best way to go and it will save you money and energy cost I had this done at my own house and I would do it again if I had to it keeps my house nice and warm in the winter as well a saving me money on fuel cost hope this eases your mind it's a great product
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