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Dovetail Greene
Dovetail Greene, General Contractor
Category: Home Improvement
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I am expanding my house and need to add more to the current

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I am expanding my house and need to add more to the current wood Floors. The wood is classic pine( I think white) and is 6" tongue and groove. I have 992 square ft to cover and match stain and gloss coat. The installation prices from 4 Large Area companies is all over the place. The reason I got four is the first two were thousands apart. All these companies quoting took up wood from existing wood floor to match. It is going over new wood and where carpet was over wood. Any idea a cost , I am in Tennessee. All companies quoting have high reputations and ratings and I checked prior satisfaction on past jobs on all of them. I have asked all of them proof of ins, same exact wood and color and gloss as what is down now. top price $16, 335. Low price who is one of the higher rated flooring in area is
$$7500. Anyone know why such a. Range and is lowest a good price. I wouldn't even ask but I had a GC at my house yesterday that said his guy could do better than the low guy and he builds a lot . I will ask him too later everything I asked on here , but yesterday was not right time because of why he stopped by.


My name's Kel.


Is the new space completely separate from the existing -- say by a doorway?

Or is there a large portal where new space flows into old space?


Is the new work going to be woven into the old work or is there a transition between old and new which is say perpendicular to the lay of the floor?


have they specified who the manufacturer is for their products?

Are number of finish coats the same?

Is moving furniture and dust control included in all bids?


Have you verified they're all the same size companies in terms of sales of number of employees?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hallway of wood leads to new MasterBedroom so only connection in new and old is doorway and wood will all run same way except two closets, 1 being 16sqft and other 52 sq ft and wood run may change direction there but doesn't have to. no manufacture given and all said it is a common type flooring wood/pine. Quotes say match stain and gloss poly finish to current status per my request in quote so i had accountability and only 1 says actual double poly coat and he is in middle but feel before full payment my contract saying to current status protects me if it doesn't . No furniture to move and company size varies but all are 30+ employees and been around at least 5 years in area

What costs A LOT and takes A LOT of skill is weaving new work into old.

There's little of that.

The GC is blowing smoke.

There's NO WAY 'his guy' can do a quality job for less than your lower bidder.


The low bidder is too low for this work. His prep has got to be leaving out a step of cleaning and he's got to be doing less finish coats.


The high guy is off the charts. Is clearly quite busy and doesn't NEED your job.


Concentrate on your middle guys. Ask to see a job similar to yours. Talk with clients. (I always offer this. Any real professional won't be offended. It confirms to me how serious you are and you want high quality work.)


Ask them to clarify their specification. What exactly they're going to do and which products they're going to use.


Are they both including removing and resetting base trim or base shoe?

Are they including new trim?

How close will their match be?

Are there differences in warranties against cracking, heaving and discoloration?


Have I answered your questions?

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Hello agaian Wallie. This's Kel checking in to see how the flooring project's going. . .
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for the help , I really appreciate the advice.after your comments, I reviewed with the cheap bid exact details, and while he wrote down on contract exactly your suggestions, I chose to move on. took a middle price guy, verified his last two jobs and they looked great. really appreciate your help and follow up concern!! Wallie

Wallie --


Hope your project turns out well.





Dovetail Greene and other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you