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Bonsai Care for Beginners

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We are beginners at looking after bonsai trees, can someone please give us an A to Z basics on maintence, care, tools, watering, pots to use?We have had it for a week and the soil is dry and there is no drainage hole in the bottom, does it need to be repotted? Also when do we bring it indoors?
Hello and welcome. Ideally you should read before getting one, and read a lot of different article and book on them as some contradict on some points.

Here is a good primer all around article on them:

All the questions you have depend on the species of tree chosen as the bonsai tree. The area you want to use will also impact the care and so is the typical air humidity. Knowing your tree species would help me a lot in your answer. Also, knowing the size it currently have and the final size you want it to be.

As for when to bring it indoor, knowing your geographical area would help (i assume you want it outdoor in the summer and indoor in the winter?)

As for now, you need to have a well drained potting soil and hole in the bottom of the pot. The sooner the better.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Other.
Not right expert, question not in right category.
Beleive me, when it come to trees i am an expert. I am a lumber producer and own a vast exotic plant collection plus an orchard plus a maple syrup operation.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I understand, thank you for the clarification. We will repot it as soon as possible in well draining soil and a pot with a hole.

Thank you for the the link to the article, if looks thorough and will definitely follow the advice!
In any case, if you need any further information just ask. The species of tree is more of a factor than being a bonzai or not.
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