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Dovetail Greene
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Help. We had someone paint our bathroom we have in the basement.It

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Help. We had someone paint our bathroom we have in the basement.It had never been painted. She first put on primer then put paint over the primer when she thought it was dry right after the primer. Needless to say the paint started coming off in chunks on one pairt of the wall. Will the paint ever dry. It still feels tacky after 2 days. Can I just fix the spot where the paint came off?Hope all of it will dry. I don't want to do anything until paint is dried.


My name's Kel.


Do you know which kind of primer was used?

Was it oil or water based?

Which wall is the paint coming off?

Is it part of the foundation?

If so -- is the drywall attached directly to the foundation or on a framed wall?

How long did the painter wait between priming and finishing?


Is the finish paint oil or water based?


Is there any history of the walls being damp after heavy rain?


When were the walls for the bath installed?


Was water resistant drywall installed?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Water based primer Menards Designers image. Glidden semi gross water based paint. Sand texture came off wall not dry wall Not an outside wall. House is 20 years old, bathroom was never painted. Regular dry wall. No moisture. Framed wall.

Is there ventilation in the bathroom?

Do you have a dehumidifier running continuously in the basement?

Is there any mustiness in the basement?


Just to confirm -- sounds like there's no history of water intrusion on the walls. . .


Not clear -- was there a sand finish on the walls before the paint>

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We have a dehumidifier running in the basement. No mustiness. No water intrusion on walls. Yes there was a sand texture on the walls. It was put on when the house was built 20 years ago. Walls were never painted .

There's no smoking gun here.

Can provide some educated guesses and a solution.


The walls may have been poorly prep'd in that area before the sand texture was applied. Meaning the sand texture was poorly bonded to the drywall.

The water in the primer and paint acted like a solvent, dissolved the bonds and the primer, paint and texture came off.


Most modern primers need about an hour to set up before finish coating. If the dehu runs a lot that means the moisture levels are high and it would taXXXXX XXXXXer to cure.


It will take days for the entire assembly to dry.

Running a fan against the ailing wall will speed the process.


When the wall is thoroughly dry you can recoat.

It will be a challenge to match the sand texture.

You can get a similar product at a paint store.

add it to the paint and roll on.

It'll be similar, but not identical.


To test the walls dryness attach a piece of aluminum foil to the wall where the damage is. Tape the perimeter of the foil. Wait a day and carefully remove. If there's no moisture on the inside of the foil the wall's dry enough to paint.


Have I answered your questions?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Would it be ok to put a sand float finish where sand texture came off. it is a prime and texture in one.

Hello again Pat this's Kel checking in to see how the bath prait problem's going. . .