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Machinc, General Contractor
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  Has written home improvement articles since 2008. Earned South Carolina Residential Builders License in 1991.
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How do I close my drill chuck (keyless) on a craftmans 19.2

Customer Question

How do I close my drill chuck (keyless) on a craftman's 19.2 drill ? Model CS1021
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Charles replied 4 years ago.

Charles :

Hello, and thanks for your question! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to assist you today!!

Charles :

It sounds like it may be frozen up pretty bad. Have you tried putting WD40 or another penetrating oil in the chuck?

JACUSTOMER-sm3csxxg- :

Yes, sprayed WD40. Chuck worked brfore. Could I have over extended unit ?

Expert:  Machinc replied 4 years ago.
Lay the drill flat on your tool bench . Place a large straight blade
Screwdriver on the part you would normally turn with your.
To loosen the chuck tap the screw with a hammer a good healthy blow.
The screwdriver should be held at about a 20 degree angle
To loosen tap the direction the drill turns in reverse
The opposite to tighten or close. This will of course leave a scar but it does work .
Expert:  Machinc replied 4 years ago.
You may have to use your third hand and hold the other piece with chanelock Pliers . Warning. This will scar your plastic parts .
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks, XXXXX XXXXX tried thatbeforeI called you. Still unable to turn either direction.

Any other ideas ?

Expert:  Machinc replied 4 years ago.
This is drastic and diminishes the value of your drill.
I peeled the rubber off the lower part of the chuck where you would hold tight with your hand.
This exposes a metal area with notches kind if like the knock off nut on bicycles.
The tap method has worked onto of my drills
But one is too sharp to handle without chanelocks.
The other I only use with flat shank bits and I am still able to tighten
It enough by hand.
This advice of course destroys the value if you ever want to sell it but it does make it where no
One on the crew but you can use it.
With my other drill I try to never grab the chuck while using a lot if power because how I locked
My other two up. On the other hand if you can't get the chuck to close it is pretty much useless anyway.
Sorry I can't offer anything better.
David. Machado
Expert:  Machinc replied 4 years ago.
It's like I said . Not a good solution but it does work.Hope you find a better way and of course I didn't mean it to be done to a new tool. I have used my two disfigured Drills for many years and think its better than them just gathering dust. Best wishesDavid