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We have a scorpion problem at our house. We live on a ranch

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We have a scorpion problem at our house. We live on a ranch in a forested area in northeast Texas. This spring and summer we have killed an average of 3 to 4 scorpions per week in the house. We tried spraying with various insectcides inside and outside but can't seem to get rid of them. Sometimes we think they must be hatching and raising in the house but we never see any babies. What do you suggest to keep them out of the house?
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Scorpions are tough to eradicate. It takes costly persistence, and the application of long lasting pesticides only legal or safe for use when applied professionally... the kind you buy in the store will not do the job.

You need to clean your yard of all scorpion habitat. Then seal your home to eliminate all potential scorpion entry points. Then hunt them down at night using a black light for several weeks.

The other option is to know that the scorpions are not generally dangerous to humans and that they do rid the home of roaches and other such bugs.

Here is a web site offering pesticides that some people have found useful along with the other measures mentioned above CLICK HERE

Here is an article from a PhD that discipline. His remarks a bit cavalier, but accurate.

Let me know if you need any further information, we can go from there without any time limit as long as you keep rating my assistance positively.


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