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my carpenter snapped in my 4 cross tees around most of the

Customer Question

my carpenter snapped in my 4' cross tees around most of the perimeter and some interior incorrectly so that they aren't lining up. he simply snapped them in on the wrong side of each other. He wishes to just bend the tees to make them line up (!)
How can I safely remove them so that they can be reused. I know how to remove them when they are put in correctly. Unfortunately the tabs are on the inside and therefore catching on each other and hard to assess... Help please! I'm supposed to have the lights and A/C installed on Monday. I need this grid correct.
they are Armstrong Prelude XL with the staked-on stab ends.
Here's the link for normal removal and so you can see how they are shaped
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Rich replied 4 years ago.

Rich :

Hello .. I think that if you use a slimmer tool .. like a small putty knife .. or the end of a hack saw blade ... you may be able to get it in between the tabs trying push the two parts of the grid horizontally past each other will help you get them apart

Rich :


Rich :

I am thinking that the flat screwdriver was too thick to work well

JACUSTOMER-pokagojq- : Hi. The tabs are interconnected so not sure. But I'm headed back to my studio to search for a putty knife
JACUSTOMER-pokagojq- : We did also try a credit card. Key. Razor blade. Box opener...
JACUSTOMER-pokagojq- : My putty knife is plastic and crappy looking for other options ...
Rich :

OK trying to slide them past might ease the effrort to get them apart

JACUSTOMER-pokagojq- : Found a thin metal putty knife. Doesn't work. Since thy are locked together straightening one bends the other
Rich :

sorry I do not think I can be more help

Rich :

Trying to force them past each other might separate them enough so they do not do that so much

JACUSTOMER-pokagojq- : Figured it out. Not push from inside. Used small screwdriverto pry from outside and then pull passed.